Washington Redskins Roster Prediction and Cutdown Review

Craig Garrison SrSenior Analyst IAugust 30, 2008

I have been noticing so many predictions on the Redskins' roster cuts that I decided to offer my own. This is based on my own opinions of each player's performance throughout the preseason and training camp.

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My Roster List

Click here to see where I differed from Zorn and the Redskins.

This does not reflect the players I would sign to the practice squad.

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Red highlighted are cuts, yellow are my "bubble" guys, and green are signed to the roster.

And here is the list of the official cuts:

  • QB Derek Devine
  • RB Marcus Mason
  • FB Nehemiah Broughton
  • WR Maurice Mann
  • WR Horace Gant
  • WR Billy McMullen
  • WR Anthony Mix
  • DT Matthias Askew
  • DT Ryan Boschetti
  • T Devin Clark
  • T Todd Wade
  • T Tavares Washington
  • G Andrew Crummey
  • G Fred Matua
  • LB Curtis Gatewood
  • LB David Holloway
  • LB Danny Verdun-Wheeler
  • S Patrick Ghee
  • CB Cedrick Holt
  • CB Matterral Richardson
  • CB Byron Westbrook
  • P Derrick Frost

I'm only surprised by a couple of these. McMullen, Richardson, and Boschetti. These guys performed well. Surprised that Zorn went with only 5 wide outs, but he is apparently more concerned with O-Line depth. A lot of defensive ends on the roster, can anyone say "Giants won the Super Bowl"?