Denver Broncos Lay an Egg in San Diego: Broncos' Season is Over

Alex SergejevCorrespondent INovember 23, 2010

Rivers humiliates the Broncos yet again
Rivers humiliates the Broncos yet againKevork Djansezian/Getty Images

With today's embarrassing loss to the Chargers, the Broncos are now 3-7 (dead last in AFC West). 

As of now the Broncos would need not only a magical run to finish the season, but also the historic collapse of three other teams. 

When the Chargers were 4-8 in 2008, they had the advantage of hoping beyond hope that only one team would collapse. The Broncos do not have that luxury.Hopefully, the Broncos can now at least be be effective spoilers. 

So now we fans are to look to the future. Where in the top ten will we draft? Will we "achieve" a top-five draft? What positions are the greatest need? And who are the most promising players coming out of college next year?

It is sad, but these are the questions that now face the Broncos. "Can they win the division?" and "Will they make the playoffs?" are now a resounding "NO!"