Tiger Woods: 10 Ways in Which the Game of Golf Has Changed Since the Car Crash

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Tiger Woods: 10 Ways in Which the Game of Golf Has Changed Since the Car Crash
Quinn Rooney/Getty Images

It was a year ago that the strange Tiger Woods car crash story crept across the news wires. Little could anyone have guessed the change in the game of golf that this story would signify.

Of course, it wasn't just the car crashing into the tree that changed the game, but it was that story that started the odd chain of events that would ultimately follow.

To some of us, it was and still is one of the biggest non-stories in sports history, But of course, the media, and those that would like to consider themselves the media, are quite skilled at making a non-story like this the biggest thing since the Lindbergh kidnapping.

So regardless of your feelings about the validity of making the private life of Tiger Woods the number one news story of the year, it was a story that ended up changing the game of golf; if not forever, at least for the year of 2010.

It is surely a twelve month period Tiger Woods would like to forget, but short of finding a genie in a bottle, it is something he will have to learn from, not forget.

Tiger's ability to move on from the loss of his wife, his family and, of course, his image, are, in the end, not our business, and matter nothing to those of us who are not close personal friends of his; no matter how much some may pretend it is their business. But what does matter to us is the way these things have affected the culture around the game of golf itself.

The number one player in the world is no longer the number one player in the world. The most dominating figure in all of sports is no longer that dominant figure. These are things that should matter to us. Nothing else.

The game, for the time being at any rate, has changed. Here are ten ways in which golf, and the image of golf, has been altered, either directly or indirectly, since Tiger's SUV hit that tree one year ago.

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