Breaking News: The Miz Cashes in To Become New WWE Champion

Chris FreemanCorrespondent INovember 22, 2010

The Era of Awesome Has Begun
The Era of Awesome Has Begun

It's official!

After holding onto the Money in the Bank briefcase for almost four months, Miz-ter Money in the Bank finally cashed in against Randy Orton after a less-than-stellar rematch against Wade Barrett (to their credit, Orton was sold being injured and there were time constraints).

Before the apparent rematch tonight, the Nexus came out and beat up Randy Orton, delaying the match even further. This was when I'm sure most of us knew that the Miz would be cashing in.

Sure enough, after Orton won, "AWESOMEEEEEE!" As soon as the bell rung, there was no doubt that the Miz would win the title and he did it in superb fashion. Right when it seemed Orton would win the match with an RKO, The Miz quickly reversed it into a Skull-Crushing Finale to capture his first WWE Championship!

Congratulations to Mike "The Miz" Mizanin! Hope you have fun partying with Michael Cole!

Let's just hope he gets a good title reign.

Just a side note, I've never marked out this bad before. Leave comments and if you like our new WWE Champion, LIKE IT!