Chris Todd Is My Facebook Friend: Why He Will Lead Auburn To Success.

Patrick ParsonsAnalyst IAugust 30, 2008

    I met Chris Todd once in Lubbock two years ago, and although we did not exchange words, I knew we were destined to be friends for life. He ended up just losing the starting quarterback job to Graham Harrell. He took the news hard and transferred out of Tech, eventually landing at Auburn, in a battle with Kodi Burns for their starting quarterback position this season.

    I eventually facebook friend requested him, he accepted, and we have been friends ever since. I exchanged a sentence with him on facebook chat 23 days ago, and have remembered the conversation vividly since. It went a little something like this:

Colin: Hey, good luck this season man, I know you'll do well up there, you were destined to run a spread offense.
Chris: Yes, I was.
Chris is now offline.

    I had instant respect for the man, not just for the response, the honesty he used in replying... "Yes, I was", so pure, so real, the stuff legends are made of. Now, let's take a look at the reasons why Chris Todd will lead the Auburn Tigers to the SEC Championship Game this year against an unspecified team...

3. He knows the spread, he had it down nearly PERFECTLY at Texas Tech, the murmurs coming out of Lubbock that year were that Todd would land the starting job, but an amazing late showing by Harrell won him the job. We will finally be able to see if Texas Tech quarterbacks can play in the SEC, although now, Todd is an SEC quarterback, I still think of him in the Tech uniform, well, helmet, at least. He will beat out Kodi Burns for the job because he is better fit to run the offense, and the earlier that they realize Todd should be the the lone QB playing, the earlier Auburn will dominate.

    It is a fact of life that it takes a real man to lead a team, which is why we never see David Spade or Richard Simmons in a football uniforms, although, Richard Simmons would probably wear the pants for fun to see if they made his bottom look succulent or not... ( : ( ) Chris Todd is a man, enduring his transfer, he is ready to lead a REAL team, not a junior college, or a scout team in practice. He left Lubbock with honor, thanking the team for giving him a chance, but he wanted to start somewhere, not back-up.

2. Look at that shirt he is wearing, it is a VERY NICE shirt, infact, I wish I had a shirt just like that. That is his girlfriend in the picture, who is a very nice girl, supporting him in everything he does. He wears his shirts the same way I do, rolling up the sleeves one little roll, so it still flares a bit at the end, and let me tell you, that is the sign of a great quarterback. True, my high school career was cut short, but I did complete one of my 3 career passes for an 11 yard gain. Imagine if I would have gotten more chances? I could have easily seen myself throwing for 27 yards that season, definitely the start of a illustrious career.

    Look at the bottle of cleaning liquid on the stove in the background, do you know what that represents? He is going to wipe out opposing defenses who try and stick on his oven, codeword for try to sack him obviously. He has great pocket presence, and although he doesn't move like Kodi Burns, he has enough mobility to avoid a lot of pressure. His arm strength is better than Burns, and showcased leadership in practice before the season.

    To boot, he has two first names, defenders will be so confused when they read the back of his jersey, instead of sacking him, they will try to ask him why he has his first name on his jersey, because it sure does look silly. While that puzzled defender begins the interrogation, Todd will find a wide open receiver for a 33 yard gain, and a great sportscenter moment. Chris Todd > Todd Chris, that's for sure.

1. On his facebook page, he has one interest listed, football. His head is on straight, he didn't even bother listing his favorite movies, which i'm sure were a collection of classics, if I had to guess, I would say the following are Chris Todd's favorite movies: Varsity Blues, Rudy, Remember The Titans, Any Given Sunday and the Notebook... After all, who doesn't love Ryan Gosling rebuilding houses?

    He doesn't accept many friend requests anymore, so i'm guessing with all the media hype he is about to receive, he will hide from his facebook for a while, after all, who needs facebook when you have an undefeated season? But I will always remember and cherish our facebook chat conversation, because after all, he WAS destined to run the spread.

Here's to you, friend.