Survivor Series Disaster: Why The PPV Has Enraged Fans All Over The World

Bleacher ReportCorrespondent IINovember 22, 2010

With only one month left in the calendar year, one would assume that the WWE was planning to go out in style by bringing us some excitement, glamour and intensity when The Survivor Series passed through our TV sets yesterday. Surprisingly (yet typically) the WWE managed to make a mockery out of a once-respected PPV.

It is very hard to find any good points in last night's PPV, but then again what do you except? In the last Raw before the event we were "treated" with a blast from the past as the WWE decided to take things old school. I felt that this was a major blunder in the WWE's part. How can you do a show of that magnitude with PPV just days away? The main focus was—surprise, surprise—Cena!. 

I am all for the WWE investing their time and money on the main event but the focus should not have been entirely on Cena. We had Orton, the WWE Champion, defending his gold Against Wade.

Do you mean to tell me that if Austin was the special guest referee and The Rock was taking on Jericho, that The Rock or Jericho would have taken a back seat to Austin?

The match itself was predictable in terms of how emotionally Cena worked it. It was not at all satisfying to watch, let alone pay $45 for. Now Cena is "fired" from the WWE, while everything is all about Kayfabe.I am not looking forward to seeing how long this will be dragged out until he comes back. He will definitely have a WHC title shot against Wade or whoever has the belt on them.

I hope they don't have Cena return at the Rumble and then go onto Headline Wrestlemania.

Team Mysterio vs, Team Del Rio

I don't no why the IWC, WWE Universe, etc. are giving Del Rio props. I'll admit he is talented but what does Del Rio have that others in the past such as Chavo, Hassan etc. didn't?

Again the match was just there to get  a few laughs and claps from the audience. It was nothing spectacular and it is  easily forgettable,  similar to the tag match with Santino and Nexus.

However, a great moment was finally watching Natalya win the Gold, as she is by far one of the most talented female wrestlers on the roster.

Like many in the IWC I am just glad that Lay Cool title reign was officially over, as it ran its course. It was also great watching Beth return. Hopefully she and Natalya can have a feud in the future—hell that match would probably be worth enough to headline Wrestlemania.

Kane vs. Edge

The thing about this encounter is it wasn't good enough in terms of a WHC match, especially as the fourth-biggest PPV in the calendar year. When you look at the past matches that took place in The Survivor Series, such as Goldberg vs. HHH, or The Rock vs. Big Show vs. HHH etc., they were all real classics. For me this match should have ended better.

However, if they are planning to take this feud a little longer then in hindsight it was perhaps the best thing to do. On the other hand, if you are planning to have the match end in a DQ they could have at least made the match itself a bit more exciting.

This is why I miss chairs, shots, and other forms of weaponry. Also, I have nothing against either fiighter, but they can't work together to save their lives. They are both talented but when together they are as boring as each other. I hate to admit this as I am a huge Kane fan, but I think Kane should drop the title soon unless better opponents surface. 

While there was nothing wrong with the other matches on paper, I feel that it was too big a PPV to have them finish the way they did. That was the thing about wrestling before all the greats left—each match was good because the card was filled with talent. Now it is to many young guys who the WWE Universe have no idea whether they are coming or going.

If Vickie was not involved with Dolph then he would one of the worst ICs in my humble opinion. He is a superb wrestler but has the personality of a brick wall.

I don't care what people have to say about him, but John Morrison is great to watch in the ring and the same can be said for Sheamus. Both men are definitely the right men to be considered as the future of the WWE. Their match was decent but again there was not enough storyline to make the match itself interesting. We can't have Santino in every angle just because he is the most popular guy in the roster.

Anyway those are my thoughts about the PPV. In conclusion I feel that there was no point in having Survivor Series so soon after Bragging Rights, as the build up to the event was sloppy, clumsy and it proves that the WWE simply does not care about the business like it used to. This PPV should have been called Survivor Cena, it was all about him.

Even The Rock can't save the WWE.


Thanks for reading.