Terrell Owens Video: Watch This Crazy Take on His Post-Game Comments

Nathaniel UyFeatured ColumnistNovember 22, 2010

Terrell Owens acknowledged something that everyone has been thinking for many weeks now.

The Cincinnati Bengals are terrible.

A loss to the Buffalo Bills, who were 1-8 heading into the game, was the reason Owens went on a brief tirade during the post-game press conference.

In this video, that's likely to go viral shortly, T.O. provides us with even more entertainment than usual. A set of goofy eyeballs are artfully placed on top of his head as he takes off his eyeglasses to talk to reporters.

"What's crazy is that we're just terrible," said Owens during the press conference.  "That's just plain and simple."

"When I say we that's me included.  Let me emphasize and look you into the eyes—we are terrible!"

Thanks for the laughs T.O. and to whoever made the video.

Prior to their Sunday victory at Paul Brown stadium, the Bills had last all four games they played on the road this season.

Cincinnati had a 31-14 lead at halftime, but that lead did not hold up. 

The Bills, led by Ryan Fitzpatrick and Steve Johnson, rallied for five straight touchdowns in the second half.

Fitzpatrick and Johnson combined for three touchdown passes in the half and exposed a very weak Bengals secondary.

Buffalo held the Bengals scoreless and won the game, 49-31.