Minnesota Vikings: 8 Reasons Why Brett Favre Won't Leave During the Season

Brandon Erickson@derkipstaCorrespondent INovember 23, 2010

Minnesota Vikings: 8 Reasons Why Brett Favre Won't Leave During the Season

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    (AP) Brett Favre (left) speaking with former Vikings Head Coach Brad Childress (right) on November 14, 2010 at the Chicago Bears

    At about 9:30 a.m. Monday morning, with Brad Childress now out of a job in Minnesota, one has to wonder what will happen to good ole No. 4.

    Brett said that he needed to "re-evaluate" some stuff heading towards the finals eight weeks of the season. He would later jokingly state it was meant to just be an "answer." However, that may have just been his fancy way of waiting for Brad Childress to get fired as head coach of the Vikings.

    Now that it has come to pass, many are saying that Brett should be next to go. New interim head coach Leslie Frazier stated that he believes in Brett Favre and expects him to operate within their system. On that note, it doesn't look like Brett will be going anywhere unless owner Zygi Wilf does it himself.

    But will Brett stay with no Super Bowl motivations? Eight reasons why include...

Stats / Records

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    The video says it all. Brett Favre on touchdowns alone is on a whole other pedestal. To name a few, Brett holds the NFL records in pass completions, pass attempts (over 10,000), passing yards (over 73,000 yards), passing touchdowns (507),  interceptions (334) and sacks (521).

    Bare in mind, Brett will probably go to the grave wishing he hadn't thrown 334 picks (17 this season) or gotten sacked 521 times (18 times this season), but they are records of his in any case. Take into account that he will never attest this as a real reason, but who is he really kidding?

    The fact remains is that his ego, his life and his legacy are these records. 

    But these records are nothing as compared to...

The Streak

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    (AP) Favre is tended to after a hit in New England on October 31, 2010

    His current streak of 295 straight starts since 1992 is unprecedented and unbelievable to the many standards in the NFL as only five quarterbacks (including Favre) have even started over 100 games with only one other than Favre still active (Peyton Manning).

    In 2009, he surpassed former-Viking James (Jim) Marshall with his 271st start for the most in the NFL by a player not kicking off a tee.

    Let's take something with all of Favre's records, he will not let this baby go at any degree. Brett would rather play on a broken foot... wait, he's already done that.

    If 300 isn't his goal, I couldn't tell you what is...


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    Edited photo depicting Favre and his extra pay day for the 2010 season

    On Aug. 18, 2010, Brett Favre re-signed a contract offering him a $16 million contract for the 2010 season, $3 million more then was designated.

    Let's be reminded briefly that this reason would be dismissed by Favre in light of his public image, but we'll get to that later.

    However, the fact remains that Brett will want to earn easy bucks for just six games of a season (totaling roughly under a $1 million a game). He'd be a fool to ignore this option on a business level and although the original retooling of the deal is a bit questionable, the business aspect at this level would make complete sense.

Respect / Image

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    (Wrangler) Brett Favre, a long time public spokesmen and advertiser of Wrangler jeans

    Who doesn't want to be there when Wrangler tells Brett their done?

    Brett has developed a strong and dependable image over the years—one tarnished by his 2007-08 retirement debacle and since-forth—but he is commonly a likeable man, both in NFL circles and elsewhere. By leaving, he would be going against his word of being a competitive man by nature and be, in fact (in his words), "letting down his fans."

    Brett wants attention. We've all come to know, understand and wish we could forget. On that note, there is no reason why Brett would want to stop playing football if it ultimately lead to him getting a "too old to play" remark from critics and then the Jenn Sterger case...

Jenn Sterger Case

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    Brett Favre (left) is being investigated into by the NFL regarding conduct with former Jets sideline reporter Jenn Sterger (right

    With this whole debacle, Brett, I imagine, will want to keep a very positive appeal in the public eye and stay verbal (as his diva side is best known for). Although he has avoided this issue, he also has not shied away from making him triumphant hero conquering issues in his life.

    In his tenure with the Vikings, he's played with two broken bones, played through countless injuries, is playing in his 40s, took a team that had no legitimate starting quarterback and made them a league front-runner, and now this...

    Brett will want this on his resume ultimately to prove he can play through scrutiny, and that he can overcome adversity. Now, about pulling off this 3-7 record and making the playoffs with a new coach, hmm...

Means What He's Actually Saying: Cares About His Teammates, Ultimate Competitor

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    After the 31-3 shalacking the Vikings received at home, Brett Favre gave a very timid presser. He brought up this whole concept of "playing for his team" and being "the ultimate competitor." 

    Let's imagine for a second that he's telling us the truth—to some small and minuscule level. Brett has always been a locker-room leader. He's a captain for exactly that reason.

    Let's not forget about Jared Allen, Steve Hutchinson and Ryan Longwell heading down to his home in Mississippi. The fact is that the players believe in him and believe in his leadership. 

    Let this line be the ringer of the 2010 season for the Vikings: "As Brett Favre fares, so will the Vikings."

Childress Is Gone

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    (NFL) Leslie Frazier being introduced at Winter Park (Eden Praire, MN) as the Minnesota Vikings Interim Head Coach

    With Childress gone and Leslie Frazier, a defensive-minded coach at the helm, Favre will have less trouble managing this offense and have less of a distraction at the head this team.

    It's been no secret that Brett and Brad never truly have had a quality relationship. Since their public argument on Sunday Night Football against the Carolina Panthers last season, the coach and quarterback have had things only escalate as time progressed. So much so, that after the first Vikings-Packers game this season, Favre was appealed at the podium to learned that Childress has given 'stern' and 'critical' remarks of Favre's play.

    The public childish bickering continued all the way up until Childress was fired.

    Now with all said and done, Frazier will look to Favre for help leading this team on an offensive level that Childress would never have allowed.

This Year Isn't His Last Year...Still Super Bowl Searching

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    Edited Picture of a Sports Illustrated published in the mid 1990's

    He's Brett Favre.

    Just let that sink in.

    He—No. 4—is Brett flippin' Favre.

    He's yet to follow through on being done—for all the above reasons, he could use to possibly stay in the league and play at age 42—to pursue that elusive final Super Bowl. Maybe not with the Vikings, but there are plenty of other teams seeking a quarterback that would be immediately upgraded with Favre.

    Brett wants to be Elway, let's face it. Even if he says this his last season, who in their right mind believes him? Heck, does Brett Favre believe Brett Favre?

Final Thoughts

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    In retrospect, let us take the Vikings 2010 season for what it is: the final chapter of Brad Childress' coaching tenure at Minnesota and a disappointment to a fan base being championship-deprived for 50 years now.

    For Brett, we all look at him as the football player and the scandal with Jenn Sterger, but what about the man?

    What awaits him this offseason? A wife demanding divorce? A broken family?

    Not much better may be there for Favre...

    In that light, this may be his last word per say as football goes. This may be his last chance at a final word as he leaves the football world...

    Then again, maybe not...