Batistuta vs. Thierry Henry: Who Is the Greatest Striker of Our Generation ?

Bleacher ReportCorrespondent IINovember 24, 2010

Before people start speculating that there are a million players better then the above two, i.e. Ronaldo, Van Basten etc, I feel that these two Superstars are in a league of their own. So please read the article before making any comments.


Gabriel Batistuta

Gabriel Batistuta is without a doubt one of Argentina's, Serie A and the worlds greatest strikers in recent memory. Nicknamed Batigol aka Scoring Machine, Batistuta was a fierce, take no prisoners lone striker who dominated the world of football during the 90's and early 00's. He is the all time goal scorer for Argentina and Fiorentina and is listed in Fifa 100 greatest players of all time. 

Henrik Larsson: Former Barcelona and Sweden Striker 

"If you see Batistuta, he doesn't see 90 minutes, but he scores two goals and that is the real quality from Batistuta"

  • Batistuta became the first man ever to score a hat-trick in two different world cups. 
  • He scored 56 goals for Argentina in 76 appearance 
  • All Time Goal Scorer for Fiorentina 168 goals in 269 Appearances 
  • Fifa 100
  • Serie A Top Scorer 1995
  • Copa America Top scorer 1991
  • Argentina Player of the year 1998

When he played for Argentina he was a force to be reckoned with he was great at loosing his marker as well as creating goal scoring opportunities.Gabriel Batistuta was an example of the single minded Striker, remarkable at that aspect of the game.

Where as the likes of Wayne Rooney or Didier Drogba will track back and play defense, and even use that to set up a goal opportunity for others, the single minded Striker has a sole focus on the art of getting the ball into the back of the net.  It makes for a less complete player, but being incredibly good at that one aspect of the game can change the outcome of a matches. As seen in the following video.

Thierry Henry 

Thierry Henry was in my opinion one of the most innovative and creative strikers of our Generation. He was Arsenal's and France's all time leading goal scorer and is also listed in FIFA top 100 players of all time. Henry was part of the Infamous Arsenal Team that went 49 games unbeaten for a whole season, this was an incredible feat for any team. 

Arsene Wenger: Arsenal Manager

"Thierry Henry could take ball in the middle of park and score a goal that no one else in the world could score"

  • French Player of the year: 2000, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006.
  • FIFA 100
  • He scored 51 goals for France in 121 Appearances
  • Highest all time goal scorer for Arsenal: 174 goals in 254 Appearances 
  • Confederations Cup Top scorer 2003
  • Confederations Cup Golden Boot 2003

Thierry Henry was a great innovator in Football, his creative genius allowed him to flow through the field undetected, He was able to create magic from nothing as seen in the following video.

Henry was a natural when it came to one on one encounters, his cool nature and calm exterior allowed him to embarrass the opposition on countless occasions. Unlike Batistuta, Henry use to drift into the left wing on occasions allowing him to deliver pin point crosses and perfect assists.  

Who is Better Internationally?

Batigol Was a great asset for the Argentina Football Association, He has only been capped 76 times for his country yet he has scored 52 goals. he is considered by fellow team mates including Maradona as the greatest striker The Argentine Camp has ever had. 

Henry is also an incredible player for The France national team, he part of both teams that won the 1998 World Cup and the 2000 European Championships. He is also Frances leading all time goal scorer having scored 51 goals in 121 appearances. 

If I had to choose who was the better striker between the both men in terms of for their country. I would have to go for Batistuta, unlike France who had a talented squad in all departments of the field, Argentina use to heavily rely on Batistuta to secure the goals, although they also had a decent squad with the likes of Veron, Ortega, Claudio Lopez etc, Batistuta was the target man and in hindsight the statistics speak for themselves.

Who is a better Captain: 

Both men have captained their clubs and countries in the past. 

Thierry Henry was given the armband after Dennis Bergkamp left Arsenal in the summer of 2006, ever since then Henry failed to win anything with Arsenal, there biggest achievement post Bergkamp was reaching the finals of the 2007 FA Cup where Chelsea were crowned victors at Arsenals expense. However his presence and nature helped Arsenal reach the Champions League Group stages every year without fail, however frustration daunted The Frenchman as he decided to leave Arsenal in 2007 to join Spanish giants Barcelona.

Batistuta however was a true icon and captain for Fiorentina. Batistuta captained the team for several years, although he never win any major trophies for the club, he did secure them a champions league spot in 1999, and won a The Italian Version of the FA Cup on 2 occasions.

Batistuta's true character showed when his team was relegated into Serie B, everyone was on the assumption that a player of his class would not play in Serie B, however Batistuta stayed with the team and brought them back a year later  into Serie A. Like Henry Batistuta wanted to win big trophies so he moved to Roma in 2000 where he finally won the Serie A Championship.

Again for Me Batistuta is without a doubt a better captain the Henry.

I'll leave the rest of the discussion up to you he reader of Bleacher Report/ however I feel that in terms of Striker Batistuta is 100 X better then Henry. When you look at Henry's career there is no denying that he was class, but then you look at the team and the manager that he had, the likes of Bergkamp alone helped Henry score a lot of goals for his club. Whereas Batistuta a man who has single handily scored 168 goals for his club. 

In terms of tricks and creativity Henry gets the win, however in terms of pure striker Batistuta is without a doubt the greatest striker of our generation. 


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