Defensive coverage

Rich TandlerSenior Analyst IAugust 28, 2008

Got a question from the Old Ref, I didn't think it was directed towards a player, so I'll give it a go:

The gap between CB pass coverage and Safety coverage looks worrisome.  Reed Doughty is about 20 yards deep, and when the CBs turn coverage over to the Safety so that they can look for another receiver coming out late there is a gap there that just can't be covered.  Is the Safety too deep or are the CBs releasing too quickly or both?

Doughty is playing deep by design. That's why he got the interception earlier. It's what Landry and, before him, Sean Taylor did last year.

It does appear that the corners are not staying tight enough for long enough. Tryon and Richardson are playing better, but against the Jags' first-team receivers they were somewhat overmatched.