Referees Favor Russell Westbrook Over Derrick Rose!!!

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Referees Favor Russell Westbrook Over Derrick Rose!!!
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A bleeding Derrick Rose headed to the bench to have his nose bandaged during the Dallas Mavericks game last Friday night. After it fell off several times, trainers were able to keep the bandage on by applying three or four of them at the same time. That night, Derrick Rose went to the line nine times.

The strange thing about that number is that is was only the second highest free throw attempts made by Rose this ENTIRE season. The most attempts Rose has made this season was 13 against Detroit, which is also the only time this season he has broken double digits. The truth is, Derrick Rose is averaging only 5.5 free throw attempts per game. That is ridiculous.


As many are aware, Derrick Rose and Russell Westbrook both entered the NBA the same year. They also have similar styles of play. Both are athletic and electrifying players who drive to the basket with extreme prejudice. They also happen to be good friends. Both are highly respected...except by the referees.


Case in point:


Name: Russell Westbrook

Team: OKC Thunder

Years: 3

PPG: 23.5 (8th)

APG: 7.8 (9th)

FTA (Free Throw Attempts): 9.3 (2nd)

Total Free Throw Attempts: 121 (2nd)


Name: Derrick Rose

Team: Chicago Bulls

Years: 3

PPG: 25.2 (4th)

APG: 8.5 (8th)

FTA (Free Throw Attempts): 5.5 (35th)

Total Free Throw Attempts: 61 (35th)


Is this an anomaly? No it is not.

Since their rookie season in 2008-2009, here's how their total free throw attempts have compared:


Derrick Rose

2008-2009: 250 (80th)

2009-2010: 338 (38th)

2010-2011: 61 (35th)


Russell Westbrook

2008-2009: 428 (24th)

2009-2010: 422 (22nd)

2010-2011: 121 (2nd)


As anyone can plainly see, we have two very similar styles of players, but there is a huge discrepancy regarding free throws. Why is this? Is Derrick Rose so fast they can't see him? Not likely. Derrick Rose is good, but Russell Westbrook is good, too.

So what is the reason for such a wide disparity? Funny thing is, no one seems to know or can explain away why this is happening. This is not good for Derrick Rose and the Chicago Bulls.

So on the outside chance that any referees happen across this article, please, please, please...GIVE DERRICK ROSE SOME MORE DAMN CALLS!!!

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