Sergio Martinez And Boxing's Top Knockouts Of The Weekend

Tyler CurtisAnalyst INovember 22, 2010

Sergio Martinez And Boxing's Top Knockouts Of The Weekend

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    This is a new feature that I will be doing every Monday. It is all of the exciting knockouts of the weekend put into one awesome slideshow.

    If you are a boxing fan or a person that likes to see someone get knocked out this is the slideshow for you. This slideshow will include knockouts of all kinds.

    Knockouts from well known fighters, fighters that only some of us know, body shot knockouts, and devastating knockouts to the head.

    For the first one I have included the whole fight and put where you have to go to see the knockout. If you want just the clip of the knockout for next week leave a comment down below.

    So I'll stop rambling and lets get to the big knockouts from the weekend of Nov. 19.

Denis Boytsov (28-0 23 KO) TKO-2 Mike Sheppard (15-12-1 8 KO) (KO at 8:20)

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    We start off with a body shot knockout from Boytsov. There is another knock down at the 8:00 minute mark that is a little more pleasing to the eye.

    He also goes down twice in the first round so watching the whole fight might be worth it.

    The body shot knockout is highly underrated because it takes a great punch to knock someone out with a body shot. This punch actually lifts Sheppard off of his feet.

    This was the fight fight for Boytsov in 10 months and it was against a journeymen but it was nice to see him active again and getting a brutal knockout.

Rakhim Chakhkiev (6-0 5 KO) KO-1 Chris Thomas (17-15-2 14 KO) (KO at 3:57)

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    If I had a uni-brow like he did I would want to knock someone out to.We stay with the body shot theme here and Chakhkiev delivers another devastating one.

    Chakhkiev is the best cruiserweight prospect out there  and has showed some serious power so far. He had a stellar amateur career and it looks like he is going to be a good pro.

    Chakhkiev won the 2008 gold medal at the Summer Olympics and a silver at the 2007 World Amateur Boxing Championships.

Gary Sykes (17-1 4 KO) KO-1 Gary Buckland (21-2 8 KO) (KO at :36)

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    This fight was part of the Prizefighter tournament and was a pretty big upset. Sykes is the reigning British super featherweight champion.

    If you are unfamiliar with the Prizefighter format its fairly simple. There are eight fighters and they fight three fights in one night to crown the winner.

    The fights are three rounds and the standard three minutes at a time.

    Buckland was coming off a spirited loss to undefeated John Murray and was moving down in weight to compete in the tournament.

    Buckland was a long shot to win it all but he won all three of his fights and finished two of his opponents within two rounds.

    Watching this knockout live it was a stunner and was the front runner for knockout of the day until Sergio Martinez showed up.

    This was the best Prizefighter in terms of quality of fighters and quality of fights. They were all nonstop action for the most part.

    If you haven't watched the Prizefighter tournament I suggest finding when the next one is and giving it a look.

Fernando Guerero (20-0 16 KO) TKO-4 Saul Duran (37-18 30 KO) (KO at 9:47)

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    This was actually on the undercard of the Sergio Martinez-Paul Williams fight but didn't get any TV time in the United States due to the Manny Pacquiao-Antonio Margarito replay.

    Guerrero got a solid win over another journeymen boxer and he should be ready to make a jump into title contention in 2011.

    He also scored a knockdown of Duran in the second round.

Tony Thompson (35-2 23 KO) TKO-4 Paul Marinaccio (24-6-3 11 KO) (KO at 11:07)

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    Another fight from the Martinez-Williams undercard that wasn't shown on the U.S. broadcast.

    Former Wladimir Klitschko victim Thompson picked up the knockout victory over solid journeymen Marinaccio.

    Thompson is looking to get back in the title hunt after losing to Klitschko back in 2008 Since then he has won four over decent competition.

Jhonny Gonzalez (47-7 41 KO) KO-2 Santos Marimon (13-13-1 8 KO) (KO at 6:30)

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    Almost everyone has the Martinez knockout as the knockout of the weekend but this one isn't far behind. Gonzalez has always been known as a huge puncher and it showed it this weekend.

    Fighting journeymen Marimon he laid him out with a left hook in the second round and he was out cold. Gonzalez is staying busy and trying to position himself for a title shit.

    I suggest you watch the replays just to soak in how brutal this knockout was.

Serigo Martinez (46-2-2 25 KO) KO-2 Paul Williams (39-2 27 KO)

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    This was the knockout of the weekend and of the year. This was brutal, shocking, amazing, and beautiful. Nobody saw this coming and it still shocks me every time I watch it.

    If you missed this I don't know where you been and if you already saw it watch it one more time because it is a thing to behold.