The Undertaker's Next Wrestlemania Opponent Will Be....

Jonah BrownContributor INovember 22, 2010

The Undertaker's Next Wrestlemania Opponent Will Be....

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    The Biggest Wrestlemania Attraction Of All Time – The Undertaker.

    Now that we’ve turned the corner from WWE Survivor Series 2010, we are now on the Road to the Royal Rumble, which is the first stop on the Road to Wrestlemania 27 in Atlanta, Georgia.   What better way to kick off the journey than to first decide on the main event.  WWE has many concerns going into the upcoming ‘Mania, particularly as it relates to the Phenom.   So we will attempt to breakdown all of the possible scenarios for the  Undertaker’s next ‘Mania opponent, but first, some questions to consider:

    1)       Will this be the Undertaker’s Final Wrestlemania? – Rumors continue to swirl about the Undertaker’s health, and that he may be looking to get out of the business on top….then again, this would be 19-0….and 20-0 sure sounds a lot better than 19.

    2)      Will this be the Undertaker’s final Match Ever? – Will the Undertaker retire at a ‘Mania, or where he began at Survivor Series, or will he walk off into the sunset….

    3)      Will the Undertaker even be healthy enough for Wrestlemania? The Undertaker is out right now having surgery, and there are many WWE officials that are concerned he may not be well enough to even compete by next March.

    4)      Who would the WWE even believe has even the slightest chance of beating the Undertaker? – After seeing him go 17-0, we know that the Streak is here to stay.  But for the first time in years, many believed that Shawn Michaels had a chance, once the stakes were high enough with his own career on the line?  Is there a superstar who the fans will believe actually has a legit shot at winning…..?

    5)      Who will you pay money to see? 

#10: The Undertaker Vs. Jack Swagger

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    Long shot match up here....but these two put on one hell of a match a few months ago on Raw when the Raw superstars were stuck overseas.   A seed was planted that night, but the biggest hurdle would be WHY.  Their paths seemingly will not cross again in any meaningful way, and Swagger doesn't appear to be ready for this type of stage yet.

    Still, if Undertaker plans to stick around for a couple more years, he may want to use one helping to  build and put over one of WWE's future stars.

#9: The Undertaker Vs. Kane

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    Yeah the feud is ongoing I suppose.

    Yeah the Undertaker is still waiting to get revenge.

    Yeah these two have tons of history and know how to build a feud by throwing fire and lightning at each other and so forth...

    But it's been done before.  Twice actually. 

    And its boring.  

    I can't even get motivated to write about this, much less watch it.  Please don't WWE, please.

#8: The Undertaker Vs. The Nexus

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    No, not Wade Barrett...the entire Nexus in a handicap match.  They buried him at Buried Alive, they attacked him on Raw, and they cost him the World  Heavyweight Championship.  The seeds are planted and the motivation is there.  The problem?  There is no way in hell that any one of these guys would ever be strong enough to get a clean or even dirty pin on the Undertaker.  With the current Nexus roster as it stands, there are no guys over enough to be ready for this stage at the WWE's biggest PPV.  But perhaps with the addition of a veteran or two to the Nexus roster, this could at least be viable....But for now, we think this is highly unlikely.

#7: The Undertaker Vs. Sheamus

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    Sheamus is a rising star, and the future of the company...and he could easily win the Royal Rumble and get his Wrestlemania title shot.  Or he could go after the Undertaker and continue to make a name for himself, similar to his goal last year in 'Mania against Triple H.

    He has a few things in his favor.  He is a two-time champion which gives him credibility.  He's also HHH's boy, and we all know HHH is calling the shots now in WWE.  Thirdly, Sheamus has given several shoot interviews lately talking about how much he wants Undertaker at Wrestlemania.

    The problem - It's not believable that The Undertaker has any chance of losing the streak to a newcomer like Sheamus.  Although it could be a decent match, we all know Sheamus is jobbing.   And if this is the Undertaker's final match, how memorable is a match against Sheamus.....

#6: The Undertaker Vs. The Miz

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    The Miz, much like Sheamus, is the future of the WWE Main Event card.  He also holds the Money In The Bank contract, which he could use to cash in on the Phenom if he has the Smackdown title by 'Mania.  

    The Miz is a future star, and the WWE is giving him a major (albeit extremely slow) push right now.  It's only a  matter of time before Miz is wearing WWE gold, but think about how much more he'll be elevated if he gets Undertaker at WM27.  Sure he'll lose, much like Sheamus, but just being in the match gives him more credibility than all of the gold in the WWE.  I don't see this one happening, but much like Swagger and Sheamus...if Taker is going to be around for a little while, he may want to put over a future star like The Miz this year....

#5: The Undertaker Vs. Goldberg

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    There is a ton of money in this match.  Goldberg's triumphant return to the WWE to face the Undertaker....I truly believe this would sell PPV's.  

    WM 27 will be in Atlanta, Georgia, home of Bill Goldberg.  Goldberg has been rumored to be on the list for possible  Hall of Fame Inductees as well.  Logistically, this match makes a ton of sense.

    The problem?  WWE is on the decline and is struggling to build new stars.  If they only have a couple more headlining matches with Undertaker, do they really want to waste one on a gimmick feud with Goldberg instead of using it to build a future star like the Miz or Sheamus?  If Goldberg were given this opportunity, I would hope it would be with the caveat that he stick around for a while, especially if there's even the slightest discussion of letting him be the man to end the streak.

#4: The Undertaker Vs. HHH

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    This match has been done.  Triple H is over with the fans.  Triple H is established.  Both he and the Undertaker should be used at WM to build younger stars.  But the WWE can definitely take advantage of this feud one more time  by using Triple H to get revenge on Undertaker for retiring his best friend Shawn Michaels.

    With the revenge angle, Triple H can be lethal.  His character can be fun and playful as the DX icon, but as an angry vengeful heel, Triple H is the best in the business.  If he raised the stakes to perhaps put his own career on the line (assuming either he or the Undertaker were retiring), then this match becomes believable, hyped, and I actually wouldn't be shocked to see Triple H actually win.  (Of course, I'd be extremely disappointed.  But not shocked).  They could even have Shawn come and special referee the match...

#3: The Undertaker Vs. Wade Barrett

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    Wade Barrett, like the rest of Nexus, is not ready for this main stage feud with the legend.  But the seeds were planted, as stated above with the Nexus.  While the Undertaker vs. Nexus handicap match would be a squash, this match could actually be a legitimate match.  The Nexus has been strong as of late, and has proven that they will manipulate and use their strength in numbers to move to the top.  With the help of the Raw GM, they can easily position their leader to take on the top Wrestlemania attraction. 

    The match itself would most likely be less than entertaining, with the Undertaker being the obvious victor.  The only way that this match could be believable is with a heel Cena still involved with the Nexus who would interfere against the Undertaker.  But because WWE will never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever turn John Cena heel to screw the Undertaker, we can forget about that....That got complicated....Let me replace my #3 Wade Barrett with a better #3........

#3: The Undertaker Vs. Sting

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    We've heard about this match for years....The wrestling fans dream come true.

    Is it possible - Who knows how long Sting will remain in TNA?  We do know that he has spoken many times publicly about not having any desire to be on WWE's rigorous road schedule, but that doesn't rule out a WM 27 cameo.

    Sting has been rumored as a possible Hall of Fame inductee once he leaves TNA for good.  Who knows if that's possible between now and then.

    The match and the buildup would be unbelievable.  Although these guys are way past their prime, fans would definitely take the "better late then never" approach to this feud and would tune in.  Would Sting sell numbers like he would have 10 years ago?  Perhaps not, but I think if the feud started early enough, WWE could build him up to the younger viewers in time for 'Mania.  But he is still on the TNA active roster and this really is a longshot....Let me try one more #3....

#3: The Undertaker Vs. Kevin Nash

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    Sure we saw this years ago...but I'm struggling to find a #3. 

    Here's what we know....

    Kevin Nash is no longer under contract with TNA. 

    Kevin Nash is available for signing.

    Kevin Nash has recently made public comments about possibly returning to WWE for the Royal Rumble.

    Kevin Nash and The Undertaker have a long history as well.

    The Problem:

    Same as many other guys on this list - WWE would be wasting two established stars on each other instead of using them to propel younger stars.  

    Been Done Before - I am not as concerned about this, because the Diesel-Undertaker feud was over a decade ago.

    But quite frankly, there's just not a lot of excitement in the actual potential of the match between two old veterans on their last leg.  While they both can still go, do they have a truly memorable 'Mania match left in them?  I don't see it. But I DO see WWE creative  being stupid enough to think this is what the fans would want...

#2: The Undertaker Vs. Brock Lesnar

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    By now, we've all heard about the recent showdown after Lesnar's title fight between Undertaker and Brock Lesnar. 

    We've seen this matchup at Unforgiven several years ago.  But the buzz this match would get would be huge for WWE.  The face of the UFC versus the face of the WWE and we're assuming that Undertaker would get the win.  The idea of this match actually supercedes the aura of Taker's streak.  If the Undertaker and Brock Lesnar get the chance, I believe Undertaker would throw his body on the line to give the fans one of his best matches ever.  

    Brock Lesnar truly is a phenom, and a huge money draw, for WWE and UFC fans.  So much so, that UFC President has made it clear he has no intentions of letting Brock fight this match.  Recent rumors have Lesnar in a special referee, which I promise you, no one will pay to see.  But Taker-Lesnar has promise, and we know that Vince is willing to pay the price to get what he wants.

#1: The Undertaker Vs. John Cena

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    This is still the most likely scenario in my eyes, assuming theUndertaker is healthy enough to go.  If the Undertaker’s health is in serious jeopardy by the Royal Rumble, then I expect WWE to make plans for a secondary feud with the undertaker, and put John Cena in a ‘Mania match with Wade Barrett or Randy Orton or Sheamus. 

    But if Undertaker is  healthy and plans to make it to ‘Mania, I fully expect it to be against the WWE’s top star, John Cena.

    More importantly, I expect Cena to win.

    They could retire Undertaker in this match or more importantly, they could turn Cena heel in this match.  Wait, who am I kidding?  WWE will never ever ever ever ever ever turn Cena heel.  Still, this could be an intriguing matchup with the possibility of Undertaker losing.  Perhaps Undertaker will go into ‘Mania as the heel, and Cena as the face.  Perhaps the match will be based on who is taking down the Nexus, or will be brought on by one of them working with the Nexus.  Regardless, besides HHH, John Cena is the only person on this list that I could actually see the Undertaker losing to.  If Cena were to beat the Undertaker, there has to be a damn good reason behind the feud, the match, and the loss.  For example, turning Cena heel is a good reason.  Cena wanting to prove he’s the best is not. 

    Either way, Cena-Undertaker would sell PPV’s and would create excitement.  The SuperCena persona the idiots at WWE have created surely wouldn’t lose at the biggest show of them all.  Any Undertaker WM match has to have some level of reality to it – the fans truly have to believe it’s at least POSSIBLE for Undertaker to lose….Cena definitely gives us that possibility.  

    The truth is, no one DESERVES to be the man to end the Streak. 

    The truth is, WWE has no idea how the fans will treat the man who ends the Streak.  Would it propel a star like Cena or Sheamus or HHH into Stone Cold, Hogan legendary status, or would it turn the fans off completely?  Is the potential backlash worth it?

    The truth is, there are only a few stars that are worthy to face the Undertaker, and even fewer who the fans would pay money to see....Cena is the most likely choice right now, but WWE still has time to build up any one of these feuds.  I will say this....If The Undertaker appears at WM 27, his opponent is someone on this list....