Survivor Series 2010: The Day After

Kris EazAy@KMEzDoesItCorrespondent INovember 22, 2010

Survivor Series 2010: The Day After

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    The 2010 Survivor Series was not exactly a show for the ages. 

    I am sure that many people expected a monumental finish to the main event. However, it was a pretty standard finish.

    What have we learned from the 2010 Survivor Series?

    One thing’s for sure: WWE is not yet ready to turn their cash cow, John Cena, into a heel. 

    We also learned that WWE has no problem charging fans $40 for a bogus stipulation in a match that will never be met. Finally, we learned that guys who were poised for the main event at last year’s Survivor Series are probably worst off than they were before. 

    The following slides will provide a match-by-match overview.

Ted Dibiase vs. Daniel Bryan for the United States Championship

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    Ted Dibiase and Daniel Bryan on an episode of Raw from this past year.
    Ted Dibiase and Daniel Bryan on an episode of Raw from this past year.

    This was a very solid match and a great way to start off the show. 

    The crowd really seemed to be into Daniel, and both guys delivered. It is great that they are trying to do something with Ted Dibiase. 

    I thoroughly enjoyed watching him tell his dad that he no longer needed the Million Dollar Belt because he didn’t want another hand me down. I have no problem with Ted Dibiase (Jr.) having the gimmick of a spoiled rich kid. 

    What I do have a problem with is the WWE writers trying to make him mimic his father. His former Legacy mates, Cody Rhodes and Randy Orton, are nothing like their fathers and are getting by just fine.

    The Million Dollar Man, Ted Dibiase (Sr.), is one of a kind, and not even someone in his gene pool can take his place.

    Daniel Bryan is arguably one of the most over babyfaces in the WWE, and matches like this further establish him as such. He has great wrestling aptitude. 

    WWE has tried on several occasions to make Bryan look like a tool. But the fans love him, and matches like this will only further establish him as a top babyface, in spite of Michael Cole's insults.

    Had this feud between Bryan and Dibiase gotten a significant amount of build, it would have made for a more intriguing PPV. One week is just not enough time to get people interested in this match.

    To be perfectly honest, I forgot this match was taking place until it actually happened. Hopefully, this feud will continue, but I think Dibiase needs a little more grooming before he gets the title. 

    In the interim, we may see a feud between Daniel Bryan and CM Punk once Punk is heeled. 

    The promo that the Miz cut after the match was superb. I just wish he would have followed through with his threat of cashing in his briefcase.

    I am not necessarily a Miz fan, but I would have preferred that over the ending that we got.

John Morrison vs. Sheamus

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    Is Morrison being pushed or is Sheamus being punished?
    Is Morrison being pushed or is Sheamus being punished?

    This was a solid match, and I definitely did not think that Morrison was going to win this match. 

    I thought that this feud had some major flaws, and I really did not like that the backdrop of the feud was Sheamus bullying Santino Marella. Don’t get me wrong; I thought Sheamus and Santino had some great interactions in the weeks leading to this match.

    But Morrison, I think, is deserving of his own storyline and feud.

    I am especially intrigued by the booking of Sheamus. Yes, he is a two-time former World Champion, but I still have a hard time taking him seriously as a main eventer. 

    He has yet to beat any of the top guys in a fair, or at least competitive, match. Sure, I expect him to beat a guy like Morrison in a one on one contest, but when he fights top guys like Orton or Cena, I fully expect for either of them to beat him, unless it is in some sort of gimmick match.

    As for Morrison, I think he is ready for the main-event spotlight, and I hope and pray that people in WWE can see this, too. Hopefully Morrison’s victory over Sheamus means that they are seriously trying to push Morrison and not punish Sheamus. 

    The coming weeks should tell the story of where both men fit in the WWE’s current product. Also, Sheamus has some unfinished business with HHH.

    What does his loss to Morrison mean for that feud?

    Only time will tell.

Kaval vs. Dolph Ziggler for the InterContinental Championship

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    This was another solid match. 

    I am glad WWE are putting smaller guys like Kaval and Daniel Bryan in prominent spots on PPV’s. Rey Mysterio has shown that talent will always get one over no matter how small they are. 

    Now, if they can get Michel Cole to actually call their matches instead of insulting them the whole time, we would be in business.

    I just hope that Kaval is treated as a serious competitor from here on out. They way he has been booked as of late has been reprehensible. 

    This match should solidify him as a contender.

    As for Dolph Ziggler, I see potential as a main eventer, but not quite sold on him yet. Mainly because his name is “Dolph Ziggler”. 

    I hope that WWE considers a name change for him if he is ever positioned as a main eventer. I can see these guys having a series of matches, with Kaval eventually winning the IC title and then maybe Kaval beginning a program with “Dashing” Cody Rhodes.

Team Mysterio vs. Team Del Rio

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    Alberto Del Rio has main event potential.
    Alberto Del Rio has main event potential.

    Rey Mysterio, Big Show, MVP, Kofi Kingston and Chris Masters vs. Alberto Del Rio, Jack Swagger, Drew McIntyre, Cody Rhodes and Tyler Reks.

    The most shocking thing about this match was the fact that Chris Masters lasted longer than two minutes and was not the first guy to be eliminated. While Masters was eliminated rather quickly, the dubious distinction of first man out went to MVP, the hometown guy who the fans were super nuts for. 

    The crowd did not care about this match once he was eliminated, and whoever had the bright idea of having him be eliminated first should not have a job. Once McMahon and company saw his crowd reaction, someone should have called an audible.

    Instead, MVP is the first man to be eliminated. Almost immediately, the crowd breaks out in a huge MVP chant; to quote Randy Orton, "STUPID!!!"

    The WWE has to stop not giving the hometown crowds what they want. They did the same thing with the Hart Dynasty in Calgary on an episode of Raw, and even left Bret Hart off television.

    This is unacceptable when one is paying large amounts of money to go to these live shows and their hometown heroes are made to be embarrassed.

    If Team Del Rio were to have one this match, I would have had no problem with MVP’s elimination.  Since the faces won, however, there is no good or logical reason for MVP to not have been a survivor or, at the very least, have a good showing.

    Cody Rhodes had probably the greatest spot in this match, where he threw a tantrum at Kofi Kingston smacking him in the face. It lasted for about five minutes, and it kind of got the crowd back into the match.

    I am still not sure on how the company feels about Jack Swagger. It is very easy to forget that he was ever world champion.

    One minute he is booked to look weak, and then the next minute he is booked to look strong. This was a show where he was made to look strong. 

    As for Tyler Reks, the jury is still out on him. Right now, I do not see the superstar potential in him, but he may just need time to blossom.

    The booking of Del Rio was particularly weird. I guess they wanted to eliminate him without him taking a pinfall or submission, but he was still knocked out in the process. 

    The pre-match promo he cut about wanting to see “leeetle children cry” was priceless. This guy is a bonafide main eventer, and I hope he gets to showcase it soon. 

LayCool vs. Natalya

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    Natalya won, as expected, and Beth Phoenix made her long-awaited return after the match and exacted revenge on LayCool. 

    I am sure that everyone was waiting for Phoenix to reenact the thumbs up/thumbs down spot that Evolution did years earlier. But instead, we got just a mutual show of respect from the two. 

    I am sure these ladies will eventually feud down the road. 

    On a side note, Natalya and Phoenix look like twins!

Edge vs. Kane for the World Heavyweight Championship

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    This was a ho-hum match, at best.

    There was nothing that made it spectacular, and Kane’s run as the Champ has been uneventful, to say the least. WWE has to create new superstars on the Smackdown brand because they are severely lacking for main-event talent.  

    After watching this match, I am convinced that WWE makes up the rules as they go along. In the past, anytime two wrestlers have pinned each other at the same time, the title would immediately become vacant and they would orchestrate a tournament for the coming weeks. 

    I actually would have been fine with that, as it is a chance to build new talent.  After tonight, I am sure we are going to have to suffer through another Kane/Edge match at the next PPV (sigh). 

Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater vs. Valdimer Kozlov and Heath Slater

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    Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater vs. Valdimer Kozlov and Heath Slater

    After sitting through all the other matches, this match kind of dragged on for me. I like Slater and Gabriel, but I do not think they have been booked strong as a tag team. 

    I was really looking forward to the main event and wanted this match to be over as soon as it began. The Tag Team division in WWE is non-existent; after the firings of Vance Archer and Caylen Croftt, it will probably be that way for the months to come. 

    I hope WWE develops more tag teams, but I am not holding my breath for it.

Wade Barrett vs. Randy Orton for WWE Championship with Cena as Special Referee

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    More of the sam from WWE with the main even of Survivor Series
    More of the sam from WWE with the main even of Survivor Series

    After getting on my Facebook and checking my e-mail this morning, I know a lot of the IWC were pissed at the outcome of this match. 

    It was a decent enough match, but I think this match did more damage to Wade Barrett than it did at helping him. I think that Barrett is more than capable hanging with the WWE’s elite, but this match showed the exact opposite.

    Randy Orton, for the most part, dominated him. As for Cena, he called the match straight down the middle and is now “fired” from World Wrestling Entertainment, as a result. 

    I actually have no problem with Cena not turning heel and Orton keeping the belt. 

    The reason why I do not mind it is because when Cena actually does finally turn heel, it will mean something. TNA Wrestling has had about nine face/heel turns (at least that's where I stopped counting) within a three-week span.

    None of those turns mean anything. But when Cena finally turns heel, it will be meaningful and spark a lot of ire.

    My problem with this match is the constant swerving of fans. John Pollock of Live Audio Wrestling has stated several times in the past that both WWE and TNA are infamous for making stipulations that they have no intentions of keeping. 

    WWE has done it with Jericho twice this year, TNA just did it with Kurt Angle’s fake retirement match, and WWE just did it again with John Cena.  We all know that Cena is not getting fired.

    Yet, WWE and TNA charges $40 a PPV for fans to see stipulations that are never met. These companies cannot continue to expect fans to spend their hard-earned money on PPV’s with bogus stipulations. 

    Where does Barrett go from here? I guess he can use the argument that Cena slapped him and cost him the match.

    I guess Cena can come out as some masked alter ego and say he is not Cena, similar to what Hulk Hogan did as Mr. America years earlier.

    All in all, not a horrible show. But outside of John Morrison’s match with Sheamus, I saw very little in terms of upward mobility. 

    This could prove to be a problem if WWE doesn’t create new superstars in the coming weeks. PPV buys are already in the toilet, and more people are watching via online streaming than actually buying them. 

    This is a situation that WWE can easily rectify. For the sake of the fans, I hope it is done sooner rather than later.