Brad Childress Fired: Will Brett Favre Be Next One Gone in Minnesota?

Tom Kinslow@@TomKinslowFeatured ColumnistNovember 22, 2010

Brad Childress Fired: Will Brett Favre Be Next One Gone in Minnesota?

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    Brad Childress' departure from Minnesota is the biggest news in the NFL today and it's not shocking considering how the year has gone thus far for the Minnesota Vikings.

    The 2010 season has been a disaster for Childress. 

    With players turning on each other on and off the field it became more than apparent that Childress lost control of his team.

    Considering how poorly Brett Favre is playing, it's only a matter of time before he finds himself on the bench.

    Inside are five reasons why he needs to be benched and five reasons why he should remain the starter.

No. 5 Keep Favre: Coaching Audition

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    At this point, the season has turned into nothing more than an audition for Leslie Frazier to be the next coach of the Vikings.

    If I'm Frazier, Brett Favre is my best option to make that a reality and I'd have him under center every week from here on out to try and win as many football games as possible.

    He certainly can't do much worse with Farve than Brad Childress.

No. 5 Bench Favre: Lack of Mobility

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    The one thing Brett Favre has not been able to do all season is move around in the pocket well.

    Favre came in with a bum ankle and he re-injured it again earlier in the season. It's hurt his ability to scramble out of the pocket and extend the play, something that Favre used to be a master at.

    If he can't move, he's no good to you under center.

No. 4 Keep Favre: Financial Investment

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    The Minnesota Vikings put a ton of money into making Brett Favre the starting quarterback and if you're the Vikings, you have to get your money's worth.

    No matter how poorly he's playing, the Viking's financial investment suggests Farve has to be the starter.

    That's a vote of confidence. Otherwise you wouldn't have begged him to come back.

No. 4 Bench Favre: He's Not The Future

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    Brett Favre is not the future at the quarterback position.

    If he's not the future at the position and there's nothing to play for, you have to have a couple really good reasons as to why he should be under center for your team.

    One way or another, Farve won't be a Viking next season.

No. 3 Keep Favre: Players Like Favre

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    As the season was falling down around the Minnesota Vikings, name one report that blamed Brett Favre for the team's struggles?

    Don't worry, I'll wait.

    There was no one that threw Favre under the bus for his play this year.

    Everyone turned against Brad Childress and sided with Favre as the two fought out their issues in the media.

    The team hated the coach and would never play for him, whereas they rallied around Favre.

No. 3 Bench Favre: Injured

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    Brett Favre has always been able to play through injuries but this year, at his age, it's just too much.

    Favre came in with a tender ankle and he injured it again.

    Now he's having issues with his shoulder.

    The mind is willing but the body isn't able and that's obvious at this point.

No. 2 Keep Favre: No More Childress

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    It's clear that Brett Favre and the rest of his teammates did not like Brad Childress.

    There were signs last year that Favre and Childress did not get along and this year it seemed like the whole team was against the head coach.

    Favre and Childress played it out in the media and then the rest of the team piled on.

    It was a toxic atmosphere to play in and you have to see what this team has without Childress coaching them.

No. 2 Bench Favre: Post Game Comments

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    After the game, Brett Favre seemed like a defeated man and had some rather odd comments to the media.

    Favre talked about "re-evaluating" the situation today and just seemed non-committal about anything but after prodding insisted that he's committed to the team and the rest of the season, saying "I'm here, and we're in this thing together."

    Words are one thing, but Favre already seems like he's imagining going back to his home and resting on the farm.

    If you're going to play quarterback half-hearted, you're going to get killed.

No. 1 Keep Favre: Tarvaris Jackson

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    We've seen Tarvaris Jackson, and I think we've seen enough from him to know that he's not the answer at the quarterback position.

    Let's be honest, he doesn't have what it takes to be a professional quarterback in the NFL and if you put him in, he'll do no better than Favre.

No. 1 Bench Favre: Turnovers

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    Last year, Brett Favre limited his turnovers and the Minnesota Vikings went all the way to the NFC Championship game.

    This year, not so much.

    Favre has 22 turnovers this year and it looks like time has finally caught up with football's Iron Man.

    Plainly put, this year has been a disaster for the future Hall of Famer.


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    In the end, Brett Favre needs to remain the starter in Minnesota.

    Tarvaris Jackson isn't the answer and he isn't going to change anything in Minnesota.

    The players will play for Favre and they won't be distracted by any more locker room drama now that Childress is gone.

    Roll with Favre—he may eventually take himself out of the equation, but for now he's the best bet for Minnesota.