Vince Young: 10 Reasons Why His Tennessee Titans Career May Be Over

Chris Eggemeyer@@chriseggemeyerCorrespondent INovember 22, 2010

Vince Young: 10 Reasons Why His Tennessee Titans Career May Be Over

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    Vince Young is feeling the heat in Tennessee. After making some comments, throwing a fit and generally being a bad influence on the team as of late, people are starting to wonder whether Vince Young may be done as a Titan or not.

    There is plenty of evidence to suggest that this may not be true. After all, teams don't just throw out first-round draft picks to players that they don't plan on keeping (although we have all seen plenty of first round picks lose their jobs at the end of their rookie contracts). Vince Young also has some history behind him, in that he has done a better job with this team than Kerry Collins has at times.

    Even with that in mind, though, there are plenty of reasons for why Vince Young may be looking for a new job next year.

    Let's take a look at 10 reasons why Young may hit the unemployment line after this season.

His Contract Is Up

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    This one is simply a lubricant. Vince Young's rookie contract runs out at the end of this season, which makes it infinitely easier for the Titans to cut ties with the embattled quarterback.

His Production Is Down

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    See that guy? For those of you who may not know, this is Kenny Britt, and he was the one person truly helping Vince Young keep a grip on his starting job.

    Then he went down to injury.

    Since then, Vince Young has had a very hard time producing, combining for 257 yards, one touchdown, and one interception over two games.

    As far as career performance goes, Vince Young isn't on the downward spiral. Yet. There hasn't been a dramatic drop in production, but it certainly won't look good for him if he doesn't start for the rest of the season.


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    Vince Young has never played a full 16 game season in the NFL. It hasn't always been because of injury, but most of the time it is.

    His style of play is not very conducive to staying healthy. He is big, strong and fast, but he doesn't seem to have the constitution to take hits from NFL players, unlike players like Michael Vick.

    The Titans haven't broken Vince Young of his scrambling style of play at this point, which means that they likely never will, which means that he will probably continue to get hurt.


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    This one goes along with the downturn in his production, but specifying here is more or less necessary.

    Vince Young has been so inconsistent throughout his career that he has been pulled (on several occasions) in favor of Kerry Collins, including the 2008 season, where Young started only one game.

    If there is one position on the field where consistency is necessary, it is the quarterback position. The Titans simply can't afford to gamble like that every game.

Bad Influence

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    It's hard to gauge because I have never personally been at a Titans practice or talked to Vince Young or any of his teammates, but all the signs point to Vince Young being a terrible influence on the team. He is apparently disruptive during practice, he seems sulky on the sidelines and he doesn't seem to be the kind of leader that a team needs.

Coaching Rift

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    There was apparently quite a spat between Vince Young and Jeff Fisher on Sunday.

    Vince Young reportedly argued with Tennessee Titans head coach Jeff Fisher, making comments against the leadership skills of Fisher, specifically that he didn't have the backs of his players.

    The rest of the world would seem to disagree.

    It would be hard to think of a coach in this league that isn't there for his players like Jeff Fisher.

    Even if that wasn't true, you can never attack your head coach like that and expect to get off scot-free.


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    Kerry Collins may be hurt, but he could be back soon, and he has some time left before retirement, enough to where he could take care of the Titans while they look for a new quarterback.

    That aside, the Titans also have rookie Rusty Smith as an option under center.

    Both quarterbacks won't necessarily win games for the Titans, but they probably wouldn't lose games for them either.

Draft Depth

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    The Tennessee Titans will probably not be high enough in the draft to pick up any of the three top quarterback options (Andrew Luck, Jake Locker and Ryan Mallett), but that doesn't mean they still can't find a suitable replacement should they decide to cut ties with Young.

    As far as potential prospects go, the Titans could easily pick up Cameron Newton, Blaine Gabbert, Christian Ponder or Colin Kaepernick (or possibly Dan Persa should he decide to declare). The Titans have a surprising number of options.

Receiving Talent

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    The best quarterbacks make their receivers better, but this isn't the only way this relationship can go.

    The best receivers also make quarterbacks better.

    Take Matt Cassel as an example (sorry Kansas City fans, but you know this is true). When he took over for Tom Brady and led the Patriots to an 11-5 record, he looked great. However, consider the fact that he had Wes Welker and Randy Moss (arguably the best receiver duo in the league at that point), and it seems a little less spectacular.

    This sort of thing is true in Tennessee. When Kenny Britt returns from injury, the Titans will have enough receiving talent to compensate for the lack of a starting quality quarterback.

Public Opinion

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    In a year that has been marked by scandal, someone needs to step up and finally stand up and set a good example.

    Not only would it be in the best interest of the Titans to part ways with Vince Young, but it sends a message to professional athletes everywhere. It tells them that they are professionals, and they are always expendable, should they choose not to act like that. 

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