WWE Survivor Series: Natalya Nets the Butterfly and Beth Phoenix Returns

Renee GerberCorrespondent INovember 22, 2010

An emotional Natalya becomes Divas champion, photo copyright to WWE.com
An emotional Natalya becomes Divas champion, photo copyright to WWE.com

They say the third time's the charm, and last night at Survivor Series, that statement proved to be true for Natalya, who finally bested LayCool to become the new Divas champion.

It was truly an amazing and special moment to witness. Predictably, in spite of the numbers game, LayCool were bound to meet head-to-head with a few snafus during the bout—literally, as the two collided when Layla attempted to crawl back into the ring, only for Michelle McCool to swing right into her, head-first!

With the last women's champion down and out on the arena floor, Natalya took full advantage of the situation and locked McCool in the sharpshooter—and the continuously history-making diva tapped out in a hurry.

Natalya is now your new Divas champion, and was it ever an emotional and sweet moment. She even got teary-eyed as she began to celebrate her victory.

The celebration was cut short—or should I say "temporarily interrupted"—as LayCool managed to regroup long enough to attack the new champion.

Seconds later, McCool held up one of the dual title belts and stared at it (perhaps contemplating hitting Natalya with it?), when familiar theme music suddenly blared throughout the arena. Beth Phoenix was back and running to the ring.

This was another amazing moment for the divas at last night's pay-per-view. The fans had been waiting for the Glamazon to return, and we all knew the first thing she would do would be to take out LayCool—and take them out she did.

Once the ring was cleared of the former co-professed champions, Beth made her way toward Natalya, who was crouching in the turnbuckles after the beating she'd received. For a second, there was a bit of uncertainty in this fan, as I wasn't sure this would be another moment like the one earlier in the year, when Phoenix ran to the ring on SmackDown to beat up LayCool, only to turn her attentions on Mickie James afterward. However, history did not repeat itself.

My favorite moment last night was when the Glamazon hugged the new divas champion, emotion clearly shining on her face and in her teary eyes. I felt a bit choked up myself as Beth then hoisted Natalya up on her shoulders to celebrate her victory. It was truly a great moment for the women's division and all fans of the divas.

I am very happy that the WWE finally did the right thing and awarded Natalya with the championship. The doors are wide open for some fresh storylines and feuds with the divas. Perhaps we'll see an alliance between Natalya and Beth Phoenix, at least for awhile? It seems that, eventually, we'll be seeing those two as enemies. That has to be inevitable, but it's something true fans of women's wrestling have been dreaming to see.

Congratulations to Natalya on her win!