Thanksgiving Day: Everyone Loves a Parade

Wayne TestoriCorrespondent IINovember 22, 2010

Thanksgiving Day: Everyone Loves a Parade

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    With Thanksgiving just days away, final preparations are underway for the much-anticipated Macy’s Parade.  This year, as a show of thanks and gratitude to the fans, the sporting community has decided to join in the annual tradition by entering a number of new balloons.

Ines Sainz Balloon

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    In honor of their star sports reporter Ines Sainz, Mexico’s TV Azteca has entered what they are calling a “Bootie-loon.”  Parade officials admit, no matter where this balloon goes, people are always commenting about it.

Fear the Beard Balloon

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    Wanting to add more “awesomeness” to the Macy’s spectacle, San Francisco Giants relief ace Brian Wilson teamed up with perennial parade favorite Buzz Lightyear.

    The two have a lot in common.  Both believe in the motto “coming to save the day,” and both are considered to be true space cadets.

Drop the Gloves Balloon

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    The National Hockey League decided to enter a balloon that best represented the sacrifices needed to play the sport.

    Originally the league wanted to build a Gary Bettman balloon, but while filling it with helium, it exploded.  Apparently it was already over-inflated.

Performance Enhanced Balloon

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    A group of former major league baseball players entered a balloon they thought would hit a home run with the crowds.

    Little did they realize the consequences of their lofty ambition.

Brett Favre Balloon

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    One of the most photographed balloons this year will be the Brett Favre balloon.

    Although considered very popular, this balloon has the tendency to stray off course.  During a test run, the balloon left the parade route and headed straight for Times Square.

The Heisman Balloon

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    In light of recent controversies surrounding potential Heisman Trophy candidates, the Heisman committee decided the Macy’s parade would be a good opportunity to exhibit a possible new design of their trophy.

Sean Avery Balloon

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    The New York Rangers wanted to enter a Sean Avery balloon into the parade but due to a scheduling conflict, were unable.  Instead, the hockey team partnered with Mr. Potato Head, feeling he accurately captured the essence of Mr. Avery.