Head Coach Tom Coughlin Is Biggest Mistake for Blunder-Prone New York Giants

Bill AquavivaContributor IINovember 22, 2010

Huh?  What?  Duh...
Huh? What? Duh...Chris McGrath/Getty Images

It's 4th-and-1 and the biggest play of the game for the Giants defense with the game on the line.  While one idiot defender leaps over the center, blindly hurling himself towards nothing and nobody, Eagles RB LeSean McCoy takes the outside and runs 50 yards for the go-ahead score, breaking New York's back after they had just taken the lead after trailing all game.

It's so infuriating to watch the Giants play with all that offensive firepower and all that defensive prowess and all that special teams...well, all that offensive and defensive talent, yet continue to sputter, turn the ball over, come up short in the red zone, make bonehead plays, commit costly penalties and just make mistake after mistake after mistake.

They have 1,000 more yards than their opponents, have outscored their opponents, they're third in total offense and sixth in points scored (only two teams have scored more TDs), second in total defense and sixth in sacks. 

But here are the two biggies: of the 14 teams with winning records only the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have a lower points differential (three) than the Giants (33), and they are minus-eight in turnover margin.  Minus-eight!  They're 6-4 with a minus-eight turnover margin!  Did I mention they have a minus-eight turnover margin? 

Eli Manning has the second most INTs in the league, just one behind Grandpa Favre, and Ahmad Bradshaw now has more fumbles (six) than he does TDs (five).  What's worse is that he's lost five of the six fumbles, and at least two of those lost fumbles have been inside the 5-yard line. 

And speaking of fumbles, did you see the retarded Manning brother do his face-first flop and fumble last night?  Another play you could point out that cost them the game. 

And this is not the first time Eli has resembled a drunken fraternity brother and fumbled the ball after planting himself on the turf with nobody touching him!  He flopped head first and fumbled the damn football in perhaps the most crucial play of the game.  Good job picking up the first down on 4th-and-6, but really, when you fall and nobody even touches you, much less tackles you, can you hold onto the ball?

Coughlin needs to make it mandatory for Eli to slide after every single scramble.  It'll keep the ball safe, perhaps secure a win and help Eli from looking like an even bigger dork. 

But there are so many other things Coughlin needs to do better to prepare and coach this team—stopping Eli from looking foolish is the least of his worries.  Coughlin needs to wipe that shocked and confused look off his face after every penalty and do something about it.  Bench the jerk lineman (that offensive line costs more penalties and called-back plays than any I've ever seen) who jumped offsides or held the safety who was nowhere near the play or got a personal foul penalty—yes, I'm talking to you Kareem "Mr. T." McKenzie. 

Get some damn control Coughlin!

Your WRs tip and drop passes like it's drill time at Wednesday's practice, your RB puts the ball on the ground like he's playing rugby or Australian Rules football, your overall defense can't stop anybody on third downs—especially the 3rd-and-longs. 

3rd-and-23?  No problem, just throw the ball over the middle against New York and pick up an easy 25 yards for a first down.  3rd-and-17?  Here comes a 20-yard completion.  Enough already! 

Your punt returners are statues; they average six yards per return, which is near the bottom of the league, while opponents average 15 yards per return—way above the league average.  And the punter, rookie Matt Dodge still fumbles at least one snap a game to go along with his mandatory 1-2 shanks per game.  He dropped another snap last night before getting it off as a line drive that went out of bounds about 35 yards downfield. 

This has been going on for 10 weeks now Coughlin—any chance of replacing this yahoo?  Or do you not realize special teams is a part of the game and field position is huge in determining momentum and ultimately outcomes?

As much as it pains me to say it, the Eagles are a good team and Vick is playing incredible right now, and as close as the score seemed the Giants could've been blown out.  There were two wide-open WRs in the end zone who dropped passes for the Eagles.  To go along with those lucky breaks, the Giants fumbled four times, losing two of them, had three INTs and six penalties. 

It was just another ugly, undisciplined, disappointing outing for a team that should be leading the pack in the NFC. 

And what does Coughlin say at the postgame press conference?  He says the ungodly number of turnovers the team has had over the last two years is confusing and has to stop.  Really Tom?  It's times like this I really wish Coughlin would retire—or get fired—and that we had a coach like the one in the other locker room at New Meadowlands Stadium.

You've had your moments over the years Coughlin but with that defense and the WRs you have this year you're showing all of the NFL that you can't handle this league anymore.  New York needs a Bill Cowher or Jon Gruden pacing the sidelines; a coach who actually does something and makes changes to personnel and adjustments to game plans.  Not a coach who scowls and turns red and shrugs his shoulders in disbelief when yet another mistake is made by his team.

My only hope now is to wish for the Giants to lose out the rest of the way so maybe Coughlin gets fired.  So for this week, go Jacksonville!


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