Save Us: The Fall and Return of Our Saviour, CM Punk

ReDevilContributor IIINovember 24, 2010

CM Punk is a few of the guys in the WWE right now who have the total package. Mic Skills, Wrestling Ability, Charisma you name it and Punk will give it to you. However, this extraordinary talent has been misused as of late. He has been jobbing to guys like The Big Show when he should be main eventing PPV's and fighting for World Titles.

This all came to be after he lost his title to the Undertaker at Hell In A Cell in basically a squash match. The reason, CM Punk didn't represent the company when he didn't dress up properly in suit and tie. The Undertaker told Punk that he should be careful of his dress-code and well Punk replied by saying that John Cena dresses up all casually then why should he dress up formally? A very good question on the part of Punk because if I would want my company to be better represented then I would push the poster boy for the company to dress up formally instead of a rising star. This is my biggest reason for not liking John Cena because he gets to bypass the rules that just basically destroys another wrestler's career if not followed. If Cena respects the company and he wants the company to be better represented then he should dress up formally as well. And if he or the company doesn't like that then they should be perfectly fine with the other world champion dressing up informally. And if Cena really has a bone in his body that represents what he says he stands for "Hustle, Loyalty and Respect" then he could have at least stood up for Punk. There's double standard in the locker room and Punk was simply underscoring that fact.

As a result came Punk's demotion and his sort of a jobber status. Right now he's on the commentary team because of his recent injury and he has made commentary interesting and exciting again. Everything Punk touches turns to gold and I can only name one other man who has that ability, Chris Jericho. So I'm hoping that after Punk returns to action in the ring, he has his well deserved main event status waiting for him so that he can save us all from the stupidity that is taking over the WWE.