Which Sinker Is Right for Which Conditions

Jess KContributor IIINovember 21, 2010

Once a fisherman has taken up surf fishing, one necessary piece of fishing gear he or she will want is a reliable sinker. Sinkers happen to be available in many different shapes and styles such as the pyramid, pancake, breakaway, and bank sinkers. Each one of these tools is designed for very specific fishing conditions. Here is a helpful guide that will enable you to be sure you have the right sinkers on you for any situation you might be fishing in.

Pyramid Sinkers

Pyramid sinkers are extremely popular pieces of fishing equipment. These sinkers get their name because of their shape as they have four sides that meet at tip at one end and a square, flat bottom at the other end with an eyelet attached to it. These sinkers work best in rougher waters since they easily hold to the floor of a raging river or ocean. If the wind is blowing rather hard on the day you are planning to fish, these are definitely the sinkers you will want to have on hand as they will keep your fishing line from being dragged out. The only downfall to this situation is that the heft of these sinkers can make them somewhat difficult to reel in.

Pancake Sinkers

The sinkers that are circular and flat discs are called pancake sinkers. Their eyelets are fixed onto their edge in order to allow them to glide easily over the floor of the ocean, lake or river. This prevents your line from getting twisted and tangled up on you since they will not be able to roll. Instead, they simply sit on the floor until they are easily retrieved.

Breakaway Sinkers

Breakaway sinkers are ideal for waters that are rather choppy or bordering on being considered rough. These sinkers will often have either spring loaded, flexible or secured wires that protrude from the actual weight much like a spider’s legs. These wires then attach themselves to the floor of the lake or ocean and hold the sinker in place. These are also difficult to retrieve as they enough force needs to be initiated in order to unhook them from their grasp. Once done properly, the wires will then retract.

Bank Sinkers

Bank sinkers are the more commonly seen weights that are familiar to most anglers. They are shaped like teardrops and move easily through banks or surfs because they roll. In rougher fishing conditions these sinkers can twist up your fishing line. However, these sinkers are easily retrieved.

You should always stay on top of the latest fishing tackle tips to assure the best experience while on your fishing trip.