The Hottest, Most Flexible Gymnasts in the World

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterNovember 21, 2010

The Hottest, Most Flexible Gymnasts in the World

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    On Sunday, the malaise of yet another St. Louis Rams losing season had me down. In looking for something to brighten my spirits, I tracked down some of the hottest and um, bendiest, gymnasts in the world. 

    These women can jump, spin, twist and contort their bodies into almost any position. I will go ahead and allow your imaginations to run wild. Be careful, too much imagination running can be hazardous to your health.

    Here are some fine, flexible ladies.

10. Lauren Mitchell, Australia

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    The 19-year-old Australian just won two gold medals at the Glasgow Grad Prix.

    While she is sure to give our US team fits in the coming years, I can feel good in knowing that we will only see more of this beauty in the years ahead. 

9. Gina Nuccio, USA

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    Nuccio is a sophomore at the University of Georgia. Here is the Bulldogs phenom completing a routine on the uneven bars.

    Oh, to be a set of uneven bars, if only for a second. 

8. Sandra Izbasa, Romania

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    The 20-year old beauty hails from Romania.

    This proves once again that their only real exports are vampires and cute gymnasts that collect gold medals. 

Sandra Izbasa Doing Work

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    Here is the lovely Sandra Izbasa doing what she does best. The only thing about this video is the annoying lady that can't seem to find her seat in the beginning.

    I need more Izbasa and less of your stupid head, lady. 

7. Simona Peycheva, Bulgaria

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    I know what you're thinking, legs should not bend like that. I thought so too, until I did a little digging.

    This is Bulgarian rhythmic gymnast Simona Peycheva. 

    It seems any of our bodies could contort in the same way, if we devoted ourselves to a lifetime of training. I think I will just hit the gym extra hard this week instead. That looks like it hurts. 

6. Evgeniya Kanaeva, Russia

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    This is yet another slide in which I am unsure as to whether I should be aroused or concerned. 

    Evgeniya Kanaeva is a Russian rhythmic gymnast, doing that boring stuff you usually turn off when your girlfriend isn't looking during the Olympics. 

More of Evgeniya Kanaeva

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    Evgeniya Kanaeva illustrates the class and beauty that is necessitated by being a world-class gymnast. I find it hard to stay on my feet when it rains outside.

    Whatever, some people just are not cut out for gymnastics. 

    I do excel in watching gymnastics, though. 

5. Corey Hartung, USA

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    Hartung just finished her senior year at the University of Florida.

    Here she is rewarding the balance beam for bringing her flowers, while she promises of a life away from the uneven bars. 

4. Kristina Baskett, USA

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    The Utah senior has it all. She is cute, flexible and absolutely beautiful.

    She also happens to be a fantastic gymnast, if you care about such trivialities. 

3. Alicia Sacramone, USA

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    No list of gymnasts would be complete without the hottest American in recent memory. Sacramone truly made the 2008 Olympics a must-see event.

    Here is to hoping that she makes the 2012 team. My fingers are truly crossed for that.

Alicia Sacramone Shaking It

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    You can only make a gymnast list better by including more Alicia Sacramone.

    Here she is throwing it down floor-exercise style in 2008. 

2. Nikki Childs, USA

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    I never thought there was much to do in Georgia. Now that there are two hotties from that school on this list, I have packed whatever I can and am ready to take off.

    Childs is simply breath-taking. No seriously, I can't breathe. 

More of Nikki Childs

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    What? You want more Nikki Childs contorting her body in extreme ways?

    Well, I am here to accomodate.

1. Almudena Cid, Spain

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    I think I may have warmed to the whole rhythmic gymnastics thing.

    It seems the only prerequisites are the ability to handle a hula-hoop and being extremely hot. 

Almudena Cid

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    Here we have the seductive Cid flying through the air while maintaining control of her hoop.

    I have no idea if that is the technical term for her hoop, but I could care less when the rest of the picture contains Almudena Cid.