Nebraska Vs. Texas A&M: Penalties? Oh, How Quickly You Forget 2006 Husker Fan

Jeff ShullAnalyst INovember 21, 2010

LINCOLN, NE - NOVEMBER 05: Wide receiver Tim Marlowe #6 celebrates with teammates offensive linesman Marcel Jones #78 of the Northwestern Wildcats during their game at Memorial Stadium November 5, 2011 in Lincoln, Nebraska.  Northwestern beat Nebraska 28-25. (Photo by Eric Francis/Getty Images)
Eric Francis/Getty Images

Over the past 12 plus hours, we've all had a chance to hear Nebraska fans complain that the refs were against the Huskers all night long. Apparently, there was some conspiracy against Nebraska to embarrass them before leaving the Big 12, even though there has been no talk before this game or evidence of that, nor does the loss take them out of contention to make the Big 12 championship.

I guess fans will look for any excuse to explain what happened, despite looking at the obvious, that even with that penalty that extended the Aggies' last drive, they still only had the ball on the 34 yard line, which is extremely out of Randy Bulluck's range.

The fact remains, if the Nebraska defense had stepped up to the challenge, I wouldn't be writing this article.

I also enjoy the fact that nobody is talking about how much the Wrecking Crew owned the Nebraska offense all game long. Even when Martinez was healthy they managed three points followed by a three and out. Well, I won't say nobody, but most fans are coming up with these excuses.

The funny thing is the situation was completely reversed the last time Nebraska visited Kyle Field. In case you've forgotten, the same exact thing happened in Nebraska's favor on that day; a roughing the passer that was arguably a terrible call kept Nebraska's game winning drive alive, and they then marched down the field for the go ahead score.

I remember being in the stands and thinking it was a horrible call, and felt cheated. I felt your pain that you are feeling now on that day.

What was even more frustrating is I went through what you are going through now. Seeing me comment on all the articles floating around, saying, "I can see why the ref made the call last night is the same attitude that Husker fans had after that game." You all were fine with the call, despite our plea for you to understand reason.

The bottom line that both of us should realize is that both defenses had a chance to end the game, or extend the game in last night's case, and neither stepped up to the occasion.

While it may feel like the penalty was the direct cause of the loss, it wasn't. The Black Shirts disappeared after that play and allowed Cyrus Gray to run it down their throats to the two yard line.

Not only that, but how about blaming the offense for not stepping up and marching down the field for the go ahead score or tying field goal? There were three minutes left, and the attitude on the Nebraska sideline just seemed like they had already given up.

Don't feel too bad because next week when you beat Colorado, you're going to forget all about the refs, the terrible offensive play and the hilarious reactions by your head coach and his brother. Tell Carl Pelini he owes a camera intern an apology.

Here's to hoping we get a rematch in December.