WWE Survivor Series 2010: Predictions From The Wrestling Voice

Duane DooganCorrespondent INovember 21, 2010

Tonight, WWE rolls into the American Airlines Arena in Miami, Fla., for the 24th annual Survivor Series spectacular! Below are my predictions for the event!

WWE Championship - John Cena as Special Referee "Free or Fired"
Randy Orton © vs. Wade Barrett

I cannot wait for this match so WWE must have done something correct to promote this pay-per-view. I've thought of many outcomes this week and will just give you my current one; it'll likely change by the time the event comes around but here it is anyway.

One thing I've just noticed is how often John Cena has said whatever the outcome may be he will beat the hell out of Wade Barrett following the match.

This is for one of two reasons. The first I would like to happen which is its to throw people of the mark and just when we think Cena is going to attack Barrett, he turns and attacks Orton either after the match or to cost Orton the match with Cena turning heel and Wade Barrett winning the WWE Championship.

However, if a Cena heel turn is possible I think they'll keep that for the lead up to WrestleMania to get Cena red hot as a heel heading into 'Mania so I think the following will happen, John Cena will somehow count Orton's shoulders to the mat and Wade Barrett will win the WWE Championship.

However, Cena will then launch his attack on the Nexus leader and that will allow The Miz to pick up the scraps and cash in the Money in the Bank briefcase and win the WWE Title.

World Heavyweight Championship
Kane © vs. Edge

It was nice to see Kane elevated to the main event this Summer and get a great run as the World Heavyweight Championship including three consecutive victories over the Undertaker.

However, Kane's title run is coming to an end. He's done whats needed of him and it's now time to move over. However, it won't be just yet. Remember it's Survivor Series! We need a screw job.

I see Edge winning his 10th World Title and the commentators constantly pushing him to win it will only get the crowd hot into it if he is screwed out of his landmark title tonight.

He'll win at the next pay-per-view but not tonight. Kane leaves with the belt after some form of screwjob whether it's a DQ or otherwise.

WWE Tag Team Championship
The Nexus (Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater) © vs. Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov

I think the reason for the Santino and Kozlov as challengers is due to Santino being amazingly over at the moment. Having the already hot UK crowd behind him on RAW two weeks ago then go wild for him obviously was one of the reasons that they qualified for this match a week later on Old School RAW.

But as title holders, I don't see them as that. I also think Nexus will look strong going into the main event, which is why they will retain here. Gabriel and Slater will hold onto the belts.

Unified Divas Championship
Layla & Michelle McCool © vs. Natalya

I was originally glad to see Natalya moved into the title division a few months back, and now I'm sick of it. It's been overdone and this (I think) is the last sequence possible of the Nattie vs. some form of LayCool.

So hopefully we'll see the end tonight and for that reason I'm going to go with LayCool, as it'd be smarter to keep the belts on them as they draw legit heel heat.

Bar the opening 3 seconds of Natayla's music when the crowd cheers due to its resemblance to Bret Hart's music, she's not actually over, so LayCool retain.

Rey Mysterio, MVP, Kofi Kingston, Big Show & Chris Masters vs. Alberto Del Rio, Cody Rhodes, Drew McIntyre, Jack Swagger & Tyler Reks

Although it's not the most appealing match on the card and the format has been done too much in recent memory (SummerSlam & Bragging Rights main events), I'm still glad we have a traditional Survivor Series match on the card.

I see Rey getting DQ'd possibly by getting "too angry" or something due to his limited ability to wrestle...hence this match not being one-on-one with Del Rio as originally planned.

MVP and Big Show are the only people being pushed on the face team as opposed to arguably all five on the heel team. For this reason I see Del Rio's team winning. Hopefully with Del Rio & Rhodes surviving.

Intercontinental Championship
Dolph Ziggler © vs. Kaval

Like the US title match, it's a pity this match didn't have more time to promote. I think everybody had all but forgotten about Kaval not to mention his guaranteed title match on pay-per-view so when he challenged Dolph Ziggler this past week, I'm sure he was upset.

It'll be a great match but I don't see Kaval winning at all he's had little to nothing credible happen to him since winning Season 2 of NXT, so Ziggler will retain the title tonight.

United States Championship
Daniel Bryan © vs. Ted DiBiase

I loved seeing Ted DiBiase in the program with Goldust on TV lately but you still didn't take him seriously. That all changed this past Monday night when a new darker side of DiBiase attacked the US Champion on RAW and challenged him to this match tonight.

It's great to see, but due to the match just being thrown together on Monday and not actually announced on television this week (so unless people read the Internet they won't know about it) for that reason I don't see a title change but look forward to more matches between the two.

John Morrison vs. Sheamus

It's weird to see Sheamus is this position, a match against John Morrison on pay-per-view. No disrespect to John Morrison but it's the lowest profile match on pay-per-view of the Celtic Warriors career.

He made his pay-per-view debut at this event last year and was the surviving man along with The Miz & Drew McIntyre in a real turning point for WWE in pushing new stars.

In that match last year, Sheamus pinned John Morrison to win the Survivor Series style match and I see him pinning Morrison again tonight and the feud will continue.


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