WWE 2010 Wrestlemania Hall of Fame Inductees: Bill Goldberg Deserves a Bid

John WhiteCorrespondent IIINovember 21, 2010

Can ya hear me now?
Can ya hear me now?

Okay, so the biggest argument is the fact that Bill Goldberg spent only one year on the roster. After that, what is there to argue about?

Did Goldberg accomplish anything in his year with WWE? Yes.

Last I looked he held both Championships, WCW and WWE, and appeared at Wrestlemania before being punked by Stone Cold. Yes, we all know the match was less than electrifying, but he was still there.

In all honesty, the Hall of Fame is more about pageantry today than really honoring great wrestlers.

For example: What were the contributions of Pete Rose—guest appearances? Or Bob Uecker for that matter; I guess Sensational Sherry must have been wearing a mask all those years and flying under the radar as a Lucha Libre.

Let's look at it from a more scrutinizing angle. The Von Erichs—worthy, right? You better believe it, but what were their contributions to WWE? I know it must be Kerry's two-month reign in 1990 as Intercontinental Champion. Again, everybody respects the Von Erichs for their contributions, but Goldberg held two world belts—more details, I know.

Sure WWE has to draw the line somewhere, but didn't Vince threaten a WWE official, Scott Armstrong, that his father Bob "The Bullet" Armstrong would not be inducted if a match didn't go his way? I know kayfabe.

I think it's still fair to say that Triple H might be harboring some small portion of bitterness for the push that Goldberg got, while he was sharing a bed with his boss's daughter.

If WWE plans on bringing any legitimacy to its Hall of Fame, I think that before they induct Cyndi Lauper or some other fly-by-nighter, Bill Goldberg should dust off his tux and get the nod just like William Perry—he was a wrestler too, right?