Floyd Mayweather: Will 2007 Repeat in 2011 with Fights vs Pacquiao and Khan?

Justin TateCorrespondent INovember 21, 2010

Floyd Mayweather could potentially repeat his performance in the De La Hoya fight against Pacquiao.
Floyd Mayweather could potentially repeat his performance in the De La Hoya fight against Pacquiao.Ethan Miller/Getty Images

American boxing star Floyd Mayweather made two major accomplishments in 2007 before retiring. He competed in the most lucrative pay-per-view matchup of all-time against the only star in boxing bigger than himself, Oscar De La Hoya, in May and went on to knock out the younger much hyped British superstar Ricky Hatton in December.

As 2011 creeps into existence, many events are molding next year into a potentially mirror image of 2007 for Floyd.

Floyd, being 33 years old and turning 34 in February, probably wants to retire and stay gone this time in order to avoid the ills that come with staying an active boxer too long. In Mayweather's case, losing his much beloved perfect record of 41 fights and no losses or draws is a nagging possibility the older his body gets.

This means that every dream he's ever expressed will be given close examination as his career nears the end. One of his most written about desires is to fight in England. He's never fought professionally outside of the United States.

Amir Khan is a young British fighter rising in the ranks who could be as big as Ricky Hatton by the time 2011 nears its end. Golden Boy Promotions, the company that promotes Amir Khan and copromotes many of Mayweather's fights has announced their intention to match Khan with Mayweather.

Of course, a Pacquiao fight would be first on the agenda. This fight could outgross the Mayweather Vs. De La Hoya fight to generate the most money in ppv history for a single boxing card. Mayweather and Pacquiao are considered the best and most popular boxers of today.

Mayweather's prime ppv numbers happen in May making that month next year a prime target for the Mayweather-Pacquiao showdown that is sure to break records and excite fans. If Mayweather wins, he becomes the number one fighter in the world.

Mayweather could then fight and defeat Amir Khan in December 2011.

By then, Amir Khan should have beaten Maidana and the Bradley-Alexander winner to become the best of the much hyped crop of young prospects in boxing. This fight could play out in a similar manner to the way he defeated Ricky Hatton in December 2007. Amir Khan has been knocked out in the first round before in his only loss.

Some critics say he has a glass jaw. If anyone could find a way into that glass jaw, it's Mayweather's accurate punches. Khan could find himself on the mat toes up pointing toward the heavens by the 10th or 11th round should Mayweather smell blood and apply himself correctly.

Victories over Manny Pacquiao and Amir Khan will be seen as improvements over victories against what was considered a faded 34-year-old Oscar De La Hoya and an overrated Ricky Hatton. Mimicking 2007 will make people compare and see the difference in Mayweather's 2011.

If next year's victories are greater, his legacy improves and he hushes his doubters once and for all. Khan and Pacquiao are fights Mayweather could secure his legacy with leaving on a familiar, yet incredible note.