Comments From Recently Released WWE Wrestlers

Jacob WaringAnalyst IIINovember 21, 2010

Now, I know many of you are sick of the numerous articles on the recent release of now former WWE wrestlers. I got a good gut feeling that many of you probably are clueless on who wrestlers felt upon being released from the WWE. Were they bitter? Were they happy to leave the WWE? Were they sadden over the lose of there jobs?

So here are the comments by the wrestlers after there releases!

Drew Hankinson AKA Luke Gallows

"I don't have a big ego, but I don't feel like I suck. I'm still getting better. I feel that as a big guy, I'm a really good athlete. I think the sky's the limit, man. Why not?" he told SLAM! Wrestling one day after his release.

"I've not gotten to really break out, I've not gotten any good mic time. I think that if I do that, and I present myself as a character that people can sink their teeth into, there's no reason that I can't be right back in the mainstream and on national television, in the next six months or a year. I feel very strongly about that; you can call me back and tell me I was dumb for saying that, but I'm positive about it."

Hawkinson on being unemployed:

"I've never been fired before. When I was working indies, I was lucky to get $50 or $75. This is a whole new realm for me," he said of taking bookings on his own.

"I kind of settled on a price and shot it out there. Nobody's been surprised by it. I'm a networker. Just from the time I was released yesterday, I've got 12 bookings, a convention, and I've agreed to do maybe 20 interviews."


Taryn Terrell AKA Tiffany

"Thank you WWE for an amazing journey. I am saddened by the news but forever grateful for the experience,I am sad that I won't be able to work with Drew (McIntyre). He is the best thing in my life and I know he is going to do amazing things with WWE. WWE is still a major part of my family and will always be," she wrote via Twitter


Jillian Hall AKA Jillian Faye Fletcher

"I am doing very well and I'm in a great place in life! I have a lot to say, but there's no room here, lol. Thank you so much for your support," she wrote via Twitter


Lance Wait Hoyt AKA Vance Archer

"It is what it is. I ain't done by a long shot. Bet that!" he then tweeted "ThankU to all for all the support."


Shad Gaspard and Caylen Croft have yet to make any comments in regards to their firing from the WWE.


From the the various comments all have the same turn in the respect that all the wrestlers that have commented have not bitter emotions towards their former employers and they'll continue to do there thing outside of the WWE!