Manny Pacquiao Set To Fight Shane Mosley? According to Mosley, It's 90% Done

Tyler CurtisAnalyst INovember 20, 2010

According to Shane Mosley, a fight between himself and pound for pound king Manny Pacquiao is 90% done. He originally posted this on his Twitter:

alright tweet buddies, I am going to get me some rest. Talk with Ya'll later. But get ready for Sugar and Pac it's going down!!!!!!

When he was asked if Bob Arum would concur with that statement, he posted this on his Twitter:

I just left his office yesterday 90% sure Its going down trust

Nothing is set in stone and any boxing fan knows how quickly a fight can come together or fall apart, but it appears more and more likely that Pacquiao will be fighting Mosley next.

This would be a major disappointment for many fight fans and myself included. It would be an absolutely noncompetitive fight and it isn’t the right fight.

The buildup to the fight will focus on how Mosley is a Hall of Fame bound fighter and how he has two wins over Oscar De La Hoya, and a win over Antonio Margarito.

If they get real ballsy, they will hype it with video of him hurting Floyd Mayweather Jr. in the second round of their fight. At any rate, this is a letdown fight for Pacquiao and one that he will get criticized for.

I know most Pacquiao fans don’t respond well when he is criticized, but get ready for it if this fight gets signed. Mayweather isn’t a viable option as a fight right now, but there are better options than Mosley.

Mosley lost 11 of 12 rounds against Mayweather and came back with one of the most dreadful fights you have ever seen again Sergio Mora.

The qualities that made him a great fighter once are just not there anymore and at this point, he would get embarrassed by the faster, stronger Pacquiao.

The real reason that this fight will probably happen is because Mosley is still a well known boxer in America and due to his fight against Mayweather, is still in the spotlight a little bit.

He will sell some extra pay-per-views because he still has a name and adds a Hall of Fame name to Pacquiao’s resume, but he proves nothing by beating an old worn out fighter.

I pray that he isn’t making this fight to dispel the myth that he doesn’t fight slick black American fighters. Mosley is only two of those things and slick isn’t one of them.

Also it would be foolish to even respond to those comments from Hopkins. Who cares if Pacquiao fights an Asian, Latino, or American? I just want to see him fight the best fighters and Mosley isn’t a good fighter anymore.

I can’t say it enough but he has much better options than Mosley and personally I would like to see him fight Juan Manuel Marquez for a third time.

Honestly a fight against Marquez may not be competitive, but it would put the rivalry to rest to a certain degree and there would at least be bad blood there.

Marquez is a future Hall of Famer and his name isn’t as big in the United States, but he still has a name and was in a Fight of The Year last year.

It appears Mosley is going to be the choice though and if you’re a faithful Pacquiao follower, get ready to defend your fighter for this decision. He is going to get criticized and to tell the truth, he should. 

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