Ohio State Vs. Youngstown State Preview

Sean EilertsonContributor IAugust 29, 2008

      The Ohio State Football season begins in just a few hours and here is the week 1 preview. I will be giving a weekly preview of all Ohio State Football games this season as well as continuing to write other articles.

      The Youngstown State Penguins are in Columbus tomorrow at 12 p.m. to play the #2 Ohio State Buckeyes. This game is sure to be a blowout, but here is a preview of what you will see tomorrow.

      Jim Tressel, fresh off a contract negotiation, has made it clear that he expects to put Terrelle Pryor in sometime during the first half. The country will get its first look at the most recruited quarterback in the nation. College football followers should expect to see Pryor's strong running game, as well as his strong arm. This should give the USC Trojans just one more thought to confuse themselves as they attempt to understand the complexity of Ohio State football.

      You should expect to see Heisman candidate "Beanie" Wells rush for somewhere around 100 yards or so, depending on when Tressel decides that he has done his job. I would expect to see little if any plays for Wells after the first half. Ohio State enthusiasts will hopefully see Brandon Saine have an exceptional game as he will likely split time with Maurice Wells. I am hoping to see "Mo" Wells hang on to the ball as he had too many fumbles last year.

      I expect to see an exciting opener to the 2008 season, as the Buckeyes make yet another run to the Title.

                                             Score Prediction: 41-7 Ohio State