Barcelona vs. Real Madrid: Who Will Neutral Fans Be Supporting in El Clásico?

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Barcelona vs. Real Madrid: Who Will Neutral Fans Be Supporting in El Clásico?

El Clásico is undoubtedly the biggest football match of the season. The two biggest and most popular European clubs, the best players in the world, the two managers of the moment... Barcelona and Real Madrid have a combined 90 million fans only across Europe, but it's safe to assume that the entire football world will be watching El Clásico next Monday and rooting for one of the teams.

Monday's Clásico will not decide the league, but it will give the winner a definite psychological edge for the rest of the season.

With the match approaching, I decided to find out who neutral fans are going to be supporting. I managed to get contributions from 12 Bleacher Report writers, from seven different clubs: two Arsenal supporters, one Bayern Munich supporter, two Chelsea supporters, one Inter Milan supporter, two Manchester United supporters, one AC Milan supporter and two Tottenham supporters. I also tried to get contributes from some other clubs' supporters, but they didn't show interest/availability.

Still, these 12 writers have given top notch contributions, thus making this one a great piece. I wish I could take credit for this article, but all credit must go to these 12 brilliant writers, some of the best football writers on Bleacher Report:

Chris Forero - Arsenal supporter. Chris hasn't written many articles nor has he got many reads, but that doesn't mean that he is not a great writer. His pieces are excellent and definitely a great read.

Vijay Murali - Arsenal supporter and Featured Columnist. Just like myself, Vijay joined Bleacher Report in July (he published his first article on July 14, while I did on July 13) but he quickly became one of the most active and brilliant writers in the football community. His input on Arsenal is always top notch, but he also excels in non Arsenal-related pieces.

Samrin Hasib - Bayern Munich supporter and Featured Columnist. The Bundesliga isn't very covered here on Bleacher Report, which means Samrin practically runs that section. Her articles on Bayern Munich and the Bundesliga are always quite insightful.

Salomon Gonzales - Chelsea supporter. Unfortunately, Salomon hasn't been writing much in the last few months, which meant that when I got to Bleacher Report I didn't have many opportunities to read his new pieces. Still, a quick search through his article archive left me with no doubt about the quality of his work.

Saura Bhattacharjee - Chelsea supporter and Featured Columnist. His articles are known for creating long and interesting debates and sometimes controversy among the Arsenal community. He has recently promoted some very interesting round table articles.

Sanat Talmaki - Inter Milan supporter and Featured Columnist. Sanat also writes about different sports on occasions, namely cycling and Formula 1.

Kaustav Bose - Liverpool supporter and Featured Columnist. Kaustav's pieces on Liverpool are always top notch and very thought-provoking. He's the most active Liverpool writer on this site.

Andrew Jordan - Manchester United supporter and World Football Featured Columnist. Andrew needs no introductions. He has written over 400 articles and is one of the most read writers in the football section. His lists are particularly brilliant and very interesting.

Yoosof Farah - Manchester United and Gillingham FC supporter as well as Aston Villa Featured Columnist. Yoosof also needs no introductions. He has been writing for over two years and his stats suggest that pretty much everyone enjoys his pieces. His tactical knowledge is unmatched, which reflects on his articles.

Tim Fontenault - AC Milan supporter and Featured Columnist. The first thing I ever did on Bleacher Report (on the day I created my account) was argue with Tim over an article he had written and which I heavily criticized. Having also joined in July, Tim was only starting and he quickly proved my criticism unfounded. Tim's pieces are interesting and insightful and for anyone interested in AC Milan-related input, Tim is definitely the go-to guy around here.

James Willis - Tottenham Hotspur supporter. James's articles are not very read, but they are undoubtedly excellent. One of his articles is probably the most original piece I've ever come across on Bleacher Report.

Willie Gannon - Tottenham Hotspur supporter. Willie has been on Bleacher Report for over two years and written near 500 articles. He's undoubtedly one of the top writers in this site, as proved by the fact that he is a Featured writer in many other football sites.

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