Tressel Inks $3.5 Million a Year Contract

Ben BleikampContributor IAugust 29, 2008

The Ohio State University signed one of the top five coaches of college football in this generation to a $3.5 million a year contract and nearly guaranteed that he would end his career at Ohio State.  How?  They included in the contract a clause that says upon retirement, if Jim Tressel requests a faculty position at Ohio State, they must give it to him.  Sign me up for the class tomorrow.

While I am disappointed that Ohio State has been to two BCS National Championships in a row and lost them both I can still brag that we were there more than anyone else, right?  Sure Urban Meyer and Les Miles are great coaches, but I'll take Tressel.  He is humble, he cares about Ohio State's community, and seems to truly enjoy coaching college football.  Plus, if we go to a third and win, Tressel will return a hero and be worshipped in Columbus (although, that tends to be what happens after every road game).

So now Ohio State has the highest paid coach in the Big 10 - which makes sense, since Ohio State has been the best team in the Big 10 for two years now and is routinely at the top of the conference even on "off" years.  Tressel gets 20 hours a year in a private jet owned by the University - fine by me, he deserves a vacation and a few perks for basically funding the entire athletic department.  And we have him another five years, at which point he'll be 60, and I hope he signs a 20 year extension to coach the Buckeyes at that point.