Scoff With The Off: Taker's Backup Wrestlemania Plan? Goldberg Fires Back at HHH

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Scoff With The Off: Taker's Backup Wrestlemania Plan? Goldberg Fires Back at HHH

The WWE has taken every precaution into, possibly, the Undertaker's last Wrestlemania event.

It was said a few days ago that they even brought up the worst case scenario if the Undertaker was not able to compete in a full one-on-one singles match at Wrestlemania. Man is it stupid.

The Undertaker's "Worst Case Scenario" for Wrestlemania 27

They say that "worst case" they will put The Undertaker in a TAG-TEAM match with Kane AGAINST the Nexus.

This of course makes no sense. Why team him with Kane? Why against Nexus? A tag team match is how you are going to (again possibly) send off Taker? Why? Why? Why?

Could it be because Nexus may run wild on Smackdown and Kane needs help to take them out? Or would this be just a set-up so Kane and Nexus can "injure" him so he can rest some more?

Too many questions coming from that one.

Armando Estrada Returns

 It is reported that Armando Estrada is on his way back to the WWE, or I should say the OVW. He even closed his restaurant in Arizona to do so. So does this mean he will come back? Who will he manage if he does?

Goldberg Has More Words For HHH

HBK vs HHH vs Goldberg?

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We have all heard about what HBK and HHH had to say about the idea of giving Goldberg a spot in the Hall of Fame. Goldberg replied on twitter:

"Many thx to all for the kind words about the HOF. It is what it is. Funny how the chosen one thinks I'm "begging".... Get a grip."

Harsh words to the king of kings. So could there be any possibility of this being a set-up for a match at Wrestlemania? Since HBK was involved could it be a triple threat match? Goldberg vs. HHH vs. HBK? What do you guys think?

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