WWE's 50 Greatest Superstars of All Time: McMahon's Politics In Play

Ryan Papaserge@@RyanPapasergeCorrespondent INovember 19, 2010

According to the WWE, Hulk Hogan is the 23rd-greatest superstar in the promotion's history.
According to the WWE, Hulk Hogan is the 23rd-greatest superstar in the promotion's history.Paul Kane/Getty Images

In exactly which universe does Hulk Hogan rank as the 23rd-greatest superstar in WWE history?

Apparently, it's the same universe in which Ric Flair is tied with Dusty Rhodes as the 17th-best grappler in the storied history of the promotion.

Oddly enough, it's the WWE Universe.

World Wrestling Entertainment recently ranked what it believes to be the 50 greatest superstars in its history for a three-disc DVD set to be released Dec. 14—just in time for the holiday season.

It's fairly obvious that the ridiculously low ranking for the two legendary wrestlers is due to their association with TNA, even though Flair was given such a warm farewell upon his "retirement" following WrestleMania XXIV in 2008.

In the shocker of all shockers, Shawn Michaels and the Undertaker—likely being rewarded on this list for their long-term loyalty to the company more than actual in-ring skill—are No. 1 and No. 2, respectively.

I'm not saying the "Heartbreak Kid" and the "Dead Man" can't wrestle; heck, Michaels could propel anyone to a four-star match.

However, it is ludicrous to say that Hulk Hogan didn't do more for WWE than Michaels or Taker—regardless of how many feathers he ruffled in his multiple tenures for the organization.

There's an influx of current superstars on this list that probably wouldn't find a place on a list not solely made to sell a DVD set. Rey Mysterio (No. 9), Edge (No. 19) and Randy Orton (No. 29) would probably see their rankings drop precipitously.

Also, WWE doesn't completely ignore wrestlers now with TNA, even though Hogan and Flair seem to have gotten the shaft. Mick Foley (No. 33), Kurt Angle (No. 34), and Jeff Hardy (No. 45) earn their rightful place on the list.

For all the frustration WWE management has shown in the past for failing to keep Dwayne Johnson in their fold, "The Rock" is fifth on the list.

However, the public's thoughts on this list may be summed up best by the No. 3 superstar on the list, Steve Austin.

"I don't know the criteria for the WWE Top 50 list," Austin wrote on Twitter. "I disagree with 85 percent of it."

And that's the bottom line, because "Stone Cold" said so.

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Ryan Papaserge is a junior journalism/mass communication student at St. Bonaventure University and a writing intern at Bleacher Report.