WWE: What To Expect From Survivor Series...A Tale of Sarcasm and Narcissism

Nick BolyardContributor IIINovember 19, 2010

Well it's that time of year again!  Survivor Series, the red-headed step child of the WWE's Big 4 pay-per-views.  

With a plethora of mediocre matches in store for us, let's see what the WWE Universe can look forward to this Sunday.  

Somehow, I feel someone is gonna get screwed.

1) John Morrison vs. Sheamus:  Well this might not be a horrible match, due to Morrison's athleticism, but it definitely won't be a classic.  Morrison will do some awesome flips and stuff, then Sheamus will kick his head off.  Sunrise, sunset.


2) Natalya vs LayCool:  Make it official, I am calling it, this will be the best match of the night. The always delightful LayCool in action against a woman who can actually wrestle! Lot's of unnecessary screaming of off color comments, and decent wrestling. Layla might even throw another shoe! My prediction...Natalya wins this time and sadness will engulf me.


3)  Nexus versus Santino/Koslov:  COBRA!!! The most entertaining man in WWE, SANTINO and his increasingly awesome partner Vladimir Koslov take on Nexus for the tag titles. Now we can all only pray that Santino gets some gold around his waist.

I believe Santino/Koslov get the job done and become "Greatest Dubble-Dubble-E tag team champions of all the times." This should cure the heartbreak of seeing LayCool lose their title.


4)  Team Mysterio vs Team Del Rio:  Honestly this match reminds me of NXT...who cares.


5)  Kane vs Edge:  This match is tough.  I don't see it being the greatest worked match ever, but I do enjoy both competitors.  Edge wins the World Heavyweight Championship with a spear, and Kane's reign ends.  

We will call it a bittersweet moment, as Kane's much deserved title reign comes to an end, but this also sets up a storyline for the title, upon Christian's return.


6)  Orton vs Barrett, Cena guest referee:  This one will be a snooze fest.  Same old stuff, different night. You know in the end, someone is getting screwed.  This is how Survivor Series works, after all.  The person getting screwed will be...John Cena. Somehow, they will make him to be the victim and continue to be the hero of all the kiddies. Other than that, Orton wins causing Cena to be "fired".  Trust me, we will see him on Raw. 


Now with that said, this is what SHOULD happen:

Morrison beats Sheamus and gets a main event push.

LayCool wins again and keeps the BFF champion going.  (I enjoy their wacky antics, even if they are "sluts" and "bitches"...thank you Mae Young)

Santino and Koslov do indeed win the titles.

We still don't care about Team Mysterio and Del Rio

Kane wins, but Edge wins the rematch at TLC.

Barrett wins the title, but Miz cashes in his Money in the Bank contract,  Cena who is already in the referee gear, makes the count and awards Miz title.  This is an easy out to make sure Cena screws both Orton and Barrett.  Cena feuds with Barrett, Orton feuds with Miz and Cena.  In the end, no matter what happens in this one, we all lose.

Feel free to leave your constructive comments or own predictions!