Why Michigan Owes Pitt

Ryan KolodziejczakCorrespondent IDecember 21, 2007

Icon Why should Michigan owe Pittsburgh anything?

What did they do for Michigan?

The Wolverines owe the Panthers for beating the Mountaineers—ironically, something Michigan failed to do their first game of the year.

They owe Pitt a big thank you for giving them an opportunity to get Rich Rodriguez.

Had Pitt not beaten WVU, the players would not have broken their coaches heart, and would not have had their coach even think about leaving.

I am in no way blaming this on the players.

Rodriguez should not have left the way he did—but if WV had just won the stupid game, they would be in the National Championship, and they would have a coach.

So Bill Martin, AD of Michigan, should travel to Pittsburgh, knock on their door, and give them the biggest thanks that is humanly possible.

Pitt took advantage of their oppourtunity to be the 13th unranked team to upset a top-five team, and they did it without knowing how big of an effect this would have.

The effect was a $1.9 million/season salary, offered to the coach of the team that that they blasted to go to another school.