Kimbo Slice Deserves Some Respect

Bob FletcherCorrespondent IAugust 29, 2008

Let's see here, 99% of the people who read the title of this article probably think I'm retarded, but I think it's safe to say that Kimbo deserves some respect—emphasis on some—not because of his Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) credentials, but because of his "other accomplishments"...


1. No. 1 is his past as a former Street Fighter. Ask anyone and they'll tell you it takes a lot more balls to go out there and slug it out with other uneducated fat slobs than it does to be put into the "safer" environment of a cage.

On the streets, he risks his life, but in the cage, he just gets laughed at because he has no skills and no talent at all.

There is also one other thing I have to get out there. During his street fighting days, he only "lost" once. I must put quotations around the word "lost" because that "loss" was to none other than, Sean Gannon.

If you watch the fight or have already seen it, then you'll have noticed that Gannon put two Guillotines on Kimbo. Talk about cheating. The fight was just a plain old fist fight, no elbows, no knees, no kicks, and obviously no chokes.

Note: If you think that the fight could've been stopped or called off 'cause of that, then you're dead wrong. Gannon had a whole mob of other slobs and Kimbo had a couple of his friends there. No way that mob would let anything stop that felony.


2. Not surprisingly, this is Kimbo's last accomplishment in life. He was and probably still is affiliated with Reality Kings! If you don't know what Reality Kings is, it's probably for the better.


Now as short as his list of credentials is, and how bad of an MMA fighter is, I'm sure none of you, absolutely none of you would want to see him walking towards you in a back alley.