2010 AL Cy Young: The Supporters of Felix Hernandez Are Dweebs

Bleacher ReportSenior Analyst INovember 18, 2010

Felix Hernandez
Felix HernandezOtto Greule Jr/Getty Images

I hate to break it to the dweebs out there that think Felix Hernandez was the best pitcher in the American League in 2010, but you need to get your heads checked.

By the way, you are dweebs and not geeks. 

Geeks are like jocks, in that both have earning potential.  Ironically, both can have sketchy academic records but still succeed (just ask Sean Parker).  Dweebs sit around and fantasize about statistics.

There's a reason why. 

It's because dweebs are usually unable to play the sports they talk about.  As Christian Rock is to rock music, the dweebs can't play it so they ruin it (note: as a Christian, even I think Christian Rock is weird).

The only change indicated by the selection of Felix Hernandez as AL Cy Young is that the dweebs have officially taken over.  The dweebs have officially destroyed baseball.

All one must do is look at the game logs for Hernandez and realize that most of his "best work" was at home, against contenders that needed to save their best stuff for the real competition, or in August and September, when the Mariners were irrelevant. 

Until August, his ERA was over 3.00. Afterwards, it dropped to the 2.27 that he finished the year with.

All you apologists out there that contend that Hernandez would have been better if only the Seattle offense had been better, consider this: Hernandez was 19-5 in 2009 with nearly the same offense in 2010, in which he finished 13-12.

Clearly, the apologists value hypothetical potential over actual production.  In 2009, Hernandez led the American Leagues in wins, and in 2010, he led the AL in strikeouts.

Is it any wonder that dweebs value striking out more than success?

I argued that Hernandez was the best pitcher in 2009, but instead, Zach Greinke won in 2009.  In 2010, he finished 10-14 with nearly the same offense.

Some pitchers just win, regardless of anything else.

Then the rest of the world wonders whatever happened to the dominance of the United States.  I say it started when people started to value fantasies over production.