Ask And You Shall Recieve: The INTRO

Nick RobertoCorrespondent IAugust 29, 2008

I do alot of wrestling research, and have been a fan for over half my life. Started watching in summer of '96, and have been watching ever since.

Although it's only been 12 years, I do lots of research and watching, and have a pretty good knowledge, and what i do not know, i can usually find.

What i would like to do with this column is and "Ask and Answer" format.

Send me any and all of your wrestling questions, from today, the past, even opinions.

Any questions will be answered. IE - 'When the Outsiders debuted in 1996 and created the nWo, I heard the 3rd man was supposed to be another HUGE WCW name, who was it?'   -or- 'Who do you think is going to dethrone Triple H for the WWE Championship?'

If i get enough questions, and they continue to come in, then on a weekly basis i will write another issue, addressing all questions.

Also, I have a few friends who are pro wrestling writers, or have been at some big wrestling sites. Anything i can't answer, ill pass to them and we'll get it done.

Hopefully, this catches on. If not, oh well.


Click my profile and send them there. Under Bulletins. After one week, ill post the first edition, with all the answers. I'll answer any question to the best I can. Doesn't matter if you have one question or 10.