Wwe Championship Scramble.

David CookContributor IAugust 29, 2008

Well, It's Happening Again.  Apparently The Wwe Creative Team Has Got Nothing.  At First The "Championship Scramble" Sounded Like A Good Idea.  5 Men, 20 Minute, 1 Champion.  In Theory It Sounds Like A Fresh, New, exciting Idea.  In Theory.  The Wwe Has Chosen To Use The  Championship Scramble For All Three Brands At The upcoming "Unforgiven" Pay-per-view.  Now, Don't Get Me Wrong, It's A Good Concept For A Championship Match, But Maybe They Should Test The Waters Before Diving in Head First.   The Idea To Have All 3 Brands (RAW, Smackdown!, ECW) Compete In The Same Type of Match Is Kind of Ludicrous.  What If The First One Is A Sleeper Match That no-one Enjoys?  Then no one Will Respond To The Others.  Not To Mention It Is Going To Take up Over An hour Of PPV Time.  Boring!  IT Seems Like Every Couple of Months, The Wwe Books The Same Matches For each Brand.  Wasn't it Just A Few Short months Ago When Both Raw, And SMACKDOWN! Had Elimination Chamber Matches At A PPV?  Now That's Kinda Different, Because The E.C. Matches Are Extremely Brutal.  But The Rules Of the Scramble Are Long, Boring, And Almost Too Hard To Follow. 5 Men, 2 Starting off, A New Man enter Every 5 minutes, And When A pinfall Occurs, That Man Is The Champ.  The Man With The Title At The End of The 20 Minutes Will Be Declared The New Champ.  Confusing huh?  It's Almost As Bad As The "Hardcore 24/7" Rules Wich Allowed The H.C. Title To Be Contested At Any Time.  Personally I Think That Using The Same Match 3 time In A ppv Will Make For A Somewhat Stimulating Event, But Ultimately Be The Downfall of The Unforgiven Pay-Per-View.  Is It Really Worth 40-60 Dollars TO Be Disappointed?   We'll Just Have To Wait And See.  Maybe The Writers Will Learn From The mistakes They Are making, And Book A Pay-per-view Worth Watching.