2008 Reasons Why Missouri Will Win The National Championship

Ben WeixlmannSenior Writer IAugust 29, 2008

After a controversial decision to place Kansas in the BCS instead of Missouri last season, the Tigers look for revenge in 2008-2009. Here's 2008 reasons why I think Mizzou will win the national title this season.

2008- They will defeat three top-20 ranked teams, Illinois, Texas, and Kansas, knocking those three squads out of the title picture. We are now left with roughly 1708.

1708- They don't have to play fourth-ranked Oklahoma until the Big 12 Championship game. At this point in time, Jeremy Maclin and Chase Daniel are going to put on a show and win the Big 12 crown, sending Oklahoma out of the title mix. There goes another 100 players.

1608- I think I read somewhere, err, I mean everywhere, that Ohio State and USC are playing in Week Two. Whichever team wins is essentially knocked beyond the to-be undefeated Mizzou Tigers. Down to 1508!

1508- No one can go undefeated in the SEC, right? That removes LSU, Florida, Auburn, Georgia, and Tennessee from the mix. 1008 left!

1008- According to ESPN's Mark May, this is Pittsburgh's year. I'll take his Panthers over West Virginia on November 28th, eliminating WVU from the title picture. 908 left.

908- Coming back to those Buckeyes, they're roll over Wisconsin on October 4 to restore some sanity after the USC loss. 808 remain.

808- Assuming USC beats Ohio State, what else is in the way of USC's title path? UPSET ALERT! Just two weeks after the Trojans get bruised up in a close win over Ohio State, they face the mighty Ducks of Oregon. The defensive secondary is the best of the country and will intercept Mark Sanchez three times in a dramatic Oregon overtime win! 708 left.

708- Let's check who is still in the running to challenge Mizzou: Wisconsin, Texas Tech, Oregon, Arizona State, Clemson, and Virginia Tech, and Penn State. The second of those listed, Texas Tech, got whacked last year by the Tigers. Expect the same drubbing when the Red Raiders travel to Norman, Oklahoma on November 22. 608 left.

608- Oregon is good, but is Justin Roeper good enough to lead the Ducks to a Pac-10 title? No. I could see them losing either at Arizona State, or at home against Boise State. 508 left.

508- Clemson and Virginia Tech play in what conference? Oh, that's right, the ACC. They're fairly well-known for their basketball prowess, football, well, not so much. 308 left.

308- Arizona State has to play at USC and home against Georgia...'nuff said. 208 left.

208- Wisconsin will suffer a surprise loss at home against Penn State to ruin their hopes of a national title berth. 108 left.

108- Penn State now has the largest stadium in the country, but will Joe Pa's team get over the hump this year? Most likely not. The Nittany Lions go back-to-back weekends with Michigan and Ohio State. The latter of which will result in a loss. 8 left.

8- BYU hasn't made a huge impact on the nation since Steve Young was under center.

7- South Florida was pretty high ranked before a late-season drop. Don't expect another jump to the top. Especially without Michael Jenkins

6- Chase Daniel has waited far too long for this moment. Gary Pinkel can finally be considered a legitimate coach in the Big 12.

5- Weeks 2-4 feature SEMO, Nevada, and Buffalo, can anyone say Daniel boosting stats!?

4- Did you honestly think that Iowa State would ruin the undefeated season?

3- Colt McCoy will see William Moore in his nightmares after Moore picks him twice to secure Mizzou's win in Austin.

2- The Tigers don't have to face any top-10 ranked team at all during the regular season.

1- Missouri has two Heisman hopefuls, Maclin and Daniel, and we've already eliminated Florida so no other school can claim that. MISSOURI FOR THE TITLE!