Dolphins' Strike Back: Chads Add Winds Of Hope For The Future!

Enlai PensadoContributor IAugust 29, 2008

August is the time of the year when everybody claims it's gonna be their season.

Of course that after having the worst season in franchise history, Miami Dolphins should improve this season.

But "improve" is too ambiguous and may lead us to expect just some more wins. No! Miami is in serious rebuild and may transform into contenders within three seasons.

With football czar Bill Parcells named "Executive Vice President of Football Operations", he's managing every football related aspect of the Dolphins, so there's a lot to expect.

He started by hiring his kind of men. Starting with Jeff Ireland, who's an expert on scouting and knows every aspect of NFL transactions. They waited a little, but enrolled as new head coach Tony Sparano, a strange, introvert, ordered guy, who worked with Parcells in Dallas his primary role is to transform this team into a though one.

Obviously a 1-15 record means there's room for improvement everywhere, starting by clearing the house and Parcells and Co. have restructured the payroll.

They started by cutting several players including Zack Thomas, who appeared to be one hit away from retiring. Even the movement was heart breaker for most fans, his contract was too high for trading and by cutting him, Dolphins allowed other team (Dallas) to give ZT a final shot for championship.

April's draft showed Parcells' style, adding power into both lines. The cherry on the pie was a very good passer from Michigan called Chad Henne. He and his millionaire bodyguard, Jake Long, were becoming the new face of this team.

Jason Taylor was tired of losing in Miami. Even we wont' hear from him, his actions showed no big commitment for the game anymore. When Washington's DE got injured, Bill traded dancing Taylor to Washington, winning a very welcomed draft pick for next year.

After very disappointing training camps, that showed not so good results in terms of offensive potential, just when every dol-fan was concluding that with John Beck's development slower than expected, McCown as below average NFL and Henne lacking of experience, there was no more than a 5-11 optimistic projection.

But the most lucky moment of this offseason came when Favre's soap opera finished, landing Brett in NY and throwing Chad Pennington to Miami, thus bringing a new dimension into AFC East, one where Miami Dolphins has a better passer than expected and a true mentor for younger members.

Today's Chad and future Chad (read as Pennington and Henne) look as a solid formula for the biggest problem in this team: replace Dan Marino. OK, i admit it's insane to replace him, but QB has been the weakest aspect of this team since Marino left and even 3-1 in preseason means nothing.

There has been a very nice passing game and execution. Also on one hand, running power has been present with a new version of the two headed monster with Ricky and Ronnie, while on the other hand defense is younger and solid.

Also Pennington adds hunger for proving Jets wrong, while knowing Bills and Pats. So it's a severe change for projections and the best scenario for Henne's development. The unluckiest guy is John Beck, who is out of plans in Miami. Meanwhile McCown, a born-to-be-backup represents a safety net in case of injuries.