John Cena Can Wrestle and I Have Proof that He Can

Kenneth KonarzewskiContributor INovember 18, 2010

I was reading some IWC blogs in regards to John Cena and being a “three-move” person, so I decided to check out some random matches on YouTube, and the first match I decided to watch was HBK v. John Cena on Raw 1/26/2009. 

For those of you who don’t recall this match, this was for the elimination chamber PPV, to allow JBL the chance to make it in.  HBK was forced to wrestle in this match for JBL, because JBL "owned" HBK. 

As the match occurs, it was about a 15 to 20 minute match on Raw which is odd to see now a day, but I decided to write down all the non typical moves that John Cena used, whether successful or countered.  This of course does not count what he used during the commercial break that occurred near the beginning of the match.  I did not use the typical moves such as "punch," "kick," or "irish whip."

1)      Bulldog

2)      Belly to belly suplex

3)      Sleeper hold

4)      Back body drop

5)      Drop Toe hold into STF

6)      Shoulder tackle

7)      Side suplex

8)      Attitude Adjustment

This match was an decent match for MNR; nothing really special, but the match was to continue the JBL/HBK storyline.  Why not go all the way back to 2002?  How about June 27, 2002 on Smackdown? Kurt Angle discusses ruthless aggression and challenges any new star in the back to come into the ring and fight him. 

1)      Lou Thesz Press

2)      Back Body Drop

3)      Clothesline

4)      Body Splash into corner

5)      Counter of Angle Lock

6)      Counter of Belly/Back suplex into rollup

7)      Counter of sleeperhold into back body drop / firemans carry

8)      Shoulder Tackle

9)      Spinebuster

10)   Counter of Angle Slam

11)   DDT

12)   Small Package rollup

13)   Belly to belly suplex

A great way to showcase John Cena’s arsenal of moves, and he loses to a roll up by Kurt Angle.  Fast forwarding, let us go to one of Cena’s latest matches against Wade Barrett.  How about the Hell in a Cell 2010 match?

1)      Snapmare

2)      Hip toss

3)      Dropkick

4)      Attitude Adjustment

5)      Shoulder Tackle

6)      Side suplex

7)      Drop toe hold to STF

8)      A side snap suplex (best name I could give it)

9)      Jumping legdrop bulldog

Now this is a small moveset, but the match was actually pretty good.  I think it’s probably one of his best matches in 2010.  But where do people get that he is a “three-move machine”? 

His microphone skills are childish, but effective as he is targeting an audience of the millions of little Jimmy and Janey’s out there that watch him every week.   Just because not every match out there is as flashy as it could be, does not mean that John Cena cannot wrestle.