Washington Redskins Fans and Front Office Need to Be Patient

Philip SpeakeCorrespondent INovember 18, 2010

LANDOVER, MD - NOVEMBER 15: Head coach Mike Shanahan of the Washington Redskins watches a replay on the scoreboard against the Philadelphia Eagles on November 15, 2010 at FedExField in Landover, Maryland.  (Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty Images)
Chris McGrath/Getty Images

It has been nine games since the Shanahan/Allen regime began to make its mark on the Washington Redskins franchise. Nine games.

Joe Gibbs and Marty Schottenheimer both started 0-5 in their first seasons with the Redskins. Jimmy Johnson started 1-15 for Dallas. In contrast, Jim Zorn and Josh McDaniels both started their coaching careers going 6-2, so let's just all settle down.

On ESPN 980 in Washington D.C., Kevin Sheehan made some of these points, and he was dead on with his assessment. To expound on his thoughts there are plenty of reasons besides Mike Shanahan that the Redskins are struggling this season.

Mike Shanahan is 150-103 in his coaching career. He will get this thing figured out. Great players make great coaches, just as much as great coaches do the same for the athletes.

The Redskins have an aging quarterback, a scrap heap of running backs and a quartet or wide receivers that ranks among the worst in the league.  Their offensive line may be the worst in the league, with its best player being a rookie left tackle, who has faced DeMarcus Ware, Trent Cole, Chris Long, Dwight Freeney, Julius Peppers and Kyle Vanden Bosch.

Trent Williams is a good starting point but they need to address these needs in the draft. The key to the rebuild is dedicating themselves to the draft. The best franchises in the league (Colts, Patriots, Steelers, Ravens, Eagles) all build their teams through the draft.

Vinny Cerrato ruined the Redskins for the better part of a decade by trading draft picks for veterans and failing on the picks he did make. With patience, this franchise can return to a more respectful place among NFL franchises.

After the embarrassing loss to the Eagles, it is understandable for fans and radio hosts and media members to come out guns a' blazing, bashing the Redskins every chance they get. Sometimes games like that happen. Teams get blown out for whatever reason. While this loss was obviously one of the worst in recent memory, it's still only one loss.

Was it worse than playing abysmally against the Chiefs and Lions last season? Possibly. But, is the franchise in a better place today than it was when those games were played last year? I say, absolutely.

Redskins nation needs to become more patient, and stop taking on the personality of their owner. Shanahan probably realizes the McNabb benching was a mistake and he took his lumps for it.

Now if everyone (including myself) can relax and let this team grow over a year or two, the Washington Redskins will be in a much better place. After all, 7-9 is what most experts predicted for the Redskins, and they are still on track even with their growing pains.