The Top 25 Sexiest Women Athletes Who Could Probably Kick Your Ass

Chris SchaeferContributor INovember 23, 2010

The Top 25 Sexiest Women Athletes Who Could Probably Kick Your Ass

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    There are endless lists out there ranking sexy women athletes.  When it comes sexiness it's all a matter of taste and no one can agree on a sure #1 hottie.  

    This list consists of the sexiest women athletes that are tough as nails.  Whether it's their mind or their muscles, they have what it takes to compete and win.  They won't go down without a fight and they look damn good winning in whatever sport they play.  

    They can either outwit you or knock you out.  The bottom line is you want to "mess around" with these babes but you don't want to "mess with them."  

    They don't need their fathers or brothers to give you "the talk" about treating them with respect.  If you ever got in a relationship with these women you wouldn't dare cross them. 

    They're all very fiery and carry themselves with a "you don't wanna F with me" attitude. 

    These are the women athletes you don't want to be around when they get heated.

    It's a tough balancing act to rate the hottest/toughest, and bare in mind that this list is made up of female athletes that possess both attributes.  They are listed in order of looks and toughness.  If it was based on just looks, some may not have made the list.  Some of the toughest chicks didn't make the list because they are too hideous in the looks department.

    Feel free to submit any athletes you think should have been on the list, or chime in about the order if you disagree.

    Enough talk, time for THE LIST!



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#25 Amanda Beard

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    If this was a list of strictly sexy female athletes then Amanda would easily break the top ten.  This 80's baby became the second-youngest Olympic medalist in American swimming history when she won three medals in Atlanta. Amanda graced the pages of Playboy in July 2007.  "Don't mess with me" is written all over her face. 

#24 Allison Stokke

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    Pole Vaulter Allison Stokke would be in the top 3 of any pure hottie list.  Her good girl persona landed her at #24 on this list.  What guy doesn't like a girl that's good with a pole?  She is the pride and joy of the Cal track and field team and looks as good from behind as she does from the front.  Her mere "never say die" attitude adds to her value on the list.

#23 Lokelani McMichael

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    American triathlete model and surfer Lokelani McMichael is tough.  She can endure a lot and is better than you in 3 things at least.  She's in the Guinness Book of World Records as the youngest woman ever to finish the Ironman.  She is mentally and physically tough, thee type of chick you don't want to cross.  She is another candidate for Top 3 on any strictly hottie list.

#22 Fabiola De Silva

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    If you consider rollerblading a sport then Fabiola is an athlete.  Can she grind to R. Kelly as well as she can grind a curb?  The mere fact that she can take a spill on concrete and get back up lands her on this list.

#21 Christine Arron

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    Can you say ripped?  Christine is another track and field star you should be keeping track of.  She is from Guadeloupe and is probably the most exotic athlete to make our list.  She's a tough cookie you probably wouldn't want to piss off.

#20 Victoria Vanucci

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    Although Victoria's tennis career was cut short, she's still working.  She traded in her racket for a bikini.  She makes the list because she was dealt a bad injury but bounced back to use her looks to start a brand new career.  When life got tough, she got tough back.

#19 Francesca Piccinini

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    Volleyball player Francesca Piccinini cracks the top twenty with no problem.  She's a 6'1" Italian bombshell who would tower over most of us.  She can spike the ball hard as hell which frankly scares me.  I wouldn't want to be caught in a lie around her.

#18 Jamie Sale

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    Ice skater Jamie Sale is magical to watch on skates.   She won both an Olympic gold medal and a world championship.  Some might rank her lower on the list due to the sport she plays, but something tells me she has a crazy streak.  She is kind of like the small kid in class that one day has enough and beats up the bully.  Remember, this list isn't all about brawn.  She could outsmart you in a second.

#17 Gretchen Bleiler

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    Gretchen is a snowboarder that can really shred.  Snowboarder chicks can not only hang with the guys, they can think like a guy.  She can also withstand cold temperatures in those "I Shouldn't Be Alive" moments.  I think of her like the girl from the movie "Frozen" for some reason.  She'll outlive you on any mountain and won't take any BS.

#16 Niki Gudex

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    Mountain biking takes a certain type of person and Niki Gudex fits the bill.  With legs of steel she could squeeze the life out of you like the lady from "Goldeneye."  She is the most dangerous woman on two wheels alive.

#15 Malia Jones

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    Hawaiian-born Malia Jones is the only surfer on our list.  Like snowboarding, female surfers have to fit in with the guys.  They work twice as hard to get noticed, but judging by her looks Malia has no problem in that department.  She seems like the type of girl to go through your phone and kick your ass when she finds out you've been texting an old girlfriend. 

#14 Kristina Lum

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    Kristina is the first Asian female on our list but not the first swimmer.  Synchronized moves underwater are mentally exhausting and take a physical toll.  God created this woman with mental toughness and physical prowess.  For some reason she always looks pissed off.

#13 Anna Rawson

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    Golfer Anna Rawson comes to us from Australia.  She reminds me of Tiger's wife who we now know can swing the club just as good as her husband.  I imagine getting in a verbal fight with Anna and catching a driver to the side of my head. 

#12 Amy Taylor

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    Yet another Australian athlete, Amy Taylor lands at #12 on the list.  With strong legs and lungs she could kick you in the nuts then run circles around you.  She posed with her teammates for a nude calendar a decade ago which shows she's a team player.  She's mentally tough and a fine physical specimen.

#11 Michelle Wie

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    Female golfer Michelle Wie is tough.  She deals with racists, hecklers, and trying to get a little ball in a little hole from far away.  Korean chicks will cut your face if you look at them wrong.  Don't let her good girl persona fool you, she will rough you up.

#10 Stacy Keibler

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    We have reached the Top 10.  Many would assume a female wrestler would be #1 on the list but not Stacy.  She acts tough but I'm not fully buying it.  She can surely hold her own more than the twenty four women before her, but since wrestling is really acting for athletic people she lands at #10.

#9 Logan Tom

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    Volleyball phenom Logan Tom knows how to score which she proved in the 2008 Bejing Olympics.  She can get down on the court or the beach, and joined the USA Olympic team while she was still a teenager. She doesn't mess around!

#8 Kristi Leskinen

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    Kristi Leskinen is an American freestyle skier from Pennsylvania.  She can melt the snow with her looks alone.  She is the hottest female to ever put on skis.  She is also one of the toughest female athletes in the world.

#7 Misty May-Treanor

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    #7 Misty May-Treanor has won more tournaments than any other female player with 107 career wins.  She is a fierce competitor in every sense of the term.  She's a little old now but she'd have no problem knocking you out or spiking your balls.  Her competitive edge is what lands her so high on the list more than anything.

#6 Kate Uhlaender

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    Kate Uhlaender is in the Top 10 for one reason: The sport she chose: Skeleton Racing.  Going head-first at speeds of almost 80 miles an hour makes you the toughest most fearless athlete on the planet. Knowing you're facing sure death for the sport you love will easily land you in the top 10 on this list.

#5 Venus Williams

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    Once again finishing behind her sister is the CPT born Venus Williams.  She looks good, but she breaks the top 5 because she would break your face with no problem.  

#4 Maria Sharapova

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    #4 Maria Sharapova isn't the toughest tennis player on this list.  If you ever had a Russian girlfriend or have seen this woman compete you would know why she's in the Top 5.  She's fiery and gets really pissed off on the court.  She has a swagger that makes her worthy of this spot.  You would NOT want to cheat on her even if she was ugly.  She would make you pay in full if you crossed her.

#3 Jennie Finch

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    In case you're wondering why Jennie Finch made our list, here is the reason:  Finch struck out a total of 1,028 batters with a softball.  She holds numerous college records including an undefeated junior season, and snagged a Gold metal in the 2004 Olympics.  Although she's retired now she'll still kick your ass.  For all you Christians here is a fun fact: Her favorite Bible verse is Philippians 4:13.  Amen.

#2 Danica Patrick

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    The only thing you need to know about the owner of #2 on our list is this:  She drives fast and looks amazing doing it.  Danica Patrick became the first woman to win an Indy car race and is also known for her GoDaddy commercials.  If you don't know who she is perhaps you're reading this article via a dial-up modem.  She is so high on the list because she risks that body every time she hits the track.

#1 Serena Williams

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    #1 on our list is tennis player Serena Williams.  She is not nearly the hottest athlete on our list but she IS the toughest and that's what this list is about; being tough and looking good at the same time.  She has won more prize money than any other female tennis player which is attractive to any male.  She has beat everyone around, even her sister.  She is muscular and you can crack a bottle of Moet with her buttcheeks.  You may or may not agree, but on this list Serena is #1.