The Top 25 Sexiest Women Athletes Who Could Probably Kick Your Ass

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The Top 25 Sexiest Women Athletes Who Could Probably Kick Your Ass

There are endless lists out there ranking sexy women athletes.  When it comes sexiness it's all a matter of taste and no one can agree on a sure #1 hottie.  

This list consists of the sexiest women athletes that are tough as nails.  Whether it's their mind or their muscles, they have what it takes to compete and win.  They won't go down without a fight and they look damn good winning in whatever sport they play.  

They can either outwit you or knock you out.  The bottom line is you want to "mess around" with these babes but you don't want to "mess with them."  

They don't need their fathers or brothers to give you "the talk" about treating them with respect.  If you ever got in a relationship with these women you wouldn't dare cross them. 

They're all very fiery and carry themselves with a "you don't wanna F with me" attitude. 

These are the women athletes you don't want to be around when they get heated.

It's a tough balancing act to rate the hottest/toughest, and bare in mind that this list is made up of female athletes that possess both attributes.  They are listed in order of looks and toughness.  If it was based on just looks, some may not have made the list.  Some of the toughest chicks didn't make the list because they are too hideous in the looks department.

Feel free to submit any athletes you think should have been on the list, or chime in about the order if you disagree.

Enough talk, time for THE LIST!



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