WWE Survivor Series: 6 Most Likely Scenarios for Orton-Barrett Main Event

Trey FowlerContributor INovember 17, 2010

WWE Survivor Series: 6 Most Likely Scenarios for Orton-Barrett Main Event

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    With Survivor Series days away, it is only fitting that there be a countdown devoted to the six most likely scenarios to the Randy Orton vs Wade Barrett main event finish, with John Cena as the special guest referee. 

    With possibilities a plenty and everyone envisioning their own ending, I have compiled a list of what I believe are the six most likely scenarios for the finish of the match.  As with any article you will agree, disagree or fall asleep, but feel free to comment.

6. Wade Barrett Wins Clean

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    Wade Barrett

    One of the least likely finishes is that Wade Barrett scores a clean win over the champion Randy Orton.  While the WWE is in desperate need of young new stars, I don't think they will allow Barrett to defeat The Viper cleanly.  A clean win by the Nexus leader would heighten his credibility, ensure that John Cena is not fired and further enhance the power of Nexus, but this scenario is least likely of the list.

5. Randy Orton Wins Clean

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    Randy Orton

    It is obvious from this list that the WWE does not like to do anything cleanly, and for that reason it is also unlikely that Orton will score a clean win and thus cause John Cena to be fired.  A clean win by Orton would not do much to get Barrett over either, and this match at minimum should put Barrett over enough to make him a credible top of the card talent, which I think he is capable of being.

4. John Cena Screws Randy Orton

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    John CenaDrew Hallowell/Getty Images

    This seems too simple and obvious for the WWE, no matter what the reasoning behind the screw job would be.  Whether it means Cena does it just to save his job or because he makes a full heel turn and proves to be the mastermind behind Nexus, Cena screwing Orton and making a "Hulk Hogan" esque heel turn just does not seem like the way that the WWE will decide to go. 

    The WWE could decide to really flip the script and have Cena screw Orton just for the sake of saving his job, then squash everyone in the ring in an attempt to make Cena more of a "Stone Cold" type character instead of the All-American Boy. 

    Cena's justification for such actions could be that he is fed up with people booing him, fed up with Nexus and fed up with everyone not part of Cenation, and for that reason he is only worrying about numero uno from now on. 

3. The Miz Screws Orton

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    The Miz

    The WWE could always have Miz run interference, using the Money in the Bank Briefcase to knock out Randy Orton while John Cena is somehow distracted.  Cena would then count the 1, 2, 3, making a winner out of Barrett while saving his own job in the process. 

    After raising Barrett's hand in victory, Cena would then demolish Barrett, enabling The Miz to cash in the Money in the Bank Briefcase. However, Miz's opportunity would be blown when a revived Orton gets immediate revenge, causing Miz to lose his title shot, which allows Barrett to walk out of Survivor Series the WWE Champion.

2. R-Truth Could Screw Everyone

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    R-Truth has been getting a lot of airtime with this storyline lately, especially in reference to John Cena.  I have read a lot of people who think R-Truth could possibly be involved in the finish of this match.  With that being the case, the specifics as to how this may happen are of abundance. 

    R-Truth could screw Orton, proving himself to be tied to Nexus in a heel turn. He could also intentionally help Orton win to screw Barrett and Cena, causing Cena to be fired. 

    In either scenario it would put R-Truth into the role of big time heel. 

1. Doink the Clown Gets Involved and It Turns into a Circus

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    Doink the Clown

    Upset that he was not part of the WWE Legends edition of Raw on Monday, Doink the Clown interferes in the main event and annihilates everyone in the ring and walks out the WWE Champion after the mysterious RAW GM makes it a Triple Threat match. 

    With the way the WWE scripts finishes, nothing is out of the realm of possibility, and we may just be left thinking that Survivor Series was one Doink short of a true circus.