GCF Impact Raw: November 17, 2010

Austin KilheeneyCorrespondent INovember 17, 2010

Hello GCF Fans, it is that time again. GCF Impact Raw time that is! Last week, rivalries were intensified, and new matches were announced for Survivor Series, which will take place on November 28, 2010. Are you ready? Then let us begin!

The Impact Raw opening video ends, fireworks go off, and it is time for Impact Raw! The Scottrade Center is sold out live here in St. Louis, Missouri! “Two weeks away from Survivor Series, GCF stops in St. Louis for an action packed Impact Raw! I’m Michael Cole, along with my partner Tazz. Last week, Samoa Joe told us of three matches that will happen tonight!”   “Evan Bourne, Rhino, and Big Show take on Kevin Nash, Shelton Benjamin, and Charlie Haas, Jack Swagger and Kaval will go at it in what should be a great match, and finally, Samoa Joe vs. Kurt Angle!!! Tonight is gonna be awesome Cole!”  “Haha, I can’t argue with you there Tazz, and from what I understand, not only will we be treated to those great matches, but Edge will be bringing back his infamous Talk Show, The Cutting Edge! The best part is that the guest will be none other than The Pope D’Angelo Dinero!”  “Holy Cow Cole! Talk about volatile, Pope and Edge in the same ring? That can’t be good!”  “Well Tazz, we aren’t wasting anytime, as Kaval vs. Jack Swagger is up next!”

Kaval vs. Jack Swagger

Swagger’s music hits and the All American American makes his way out by himself as The Alliance and The Army are banned from ringside. Swagger arrogantly makes his way to the ring, surrounded by boos from the crowd. Swagger stops at the bottom of the ramp and does his signature push ups. Swagger stands and gets into the ring. Swagger taunts in the ring, until Kaval’s music hits. The fans give the NXT season 2 winner a ton of cheers as he walks out. Kaval walks down the ramp, high fiving a few fans on the way. Kaval stops at the bottom of the ramp and shouts some things at Swagger. Kaval hops into the ring, and orders that the bell rings. Kaval and Swagger lock up, with Swagger getting the advantage because of his size. Swagger shoves Kaval down, and quickly puts Kaval in a waist lock. Kaval elbows Swagger away, and both mean stand again. They go to lock up once more, but Kaval instead kicks Swagger several times on the leg. Swagger tries to back away, but Kaval continues with the kicks. Swagger falls to one knee, giving Kaval the chance to hit Swagger with a vicious kick to the head! Kaval covers, One, Two, Swagger kicks out. Kaval gets back up to his feet, as does Swagger. Jack uses the corner to stand, and Kaval backs up. Kaval cartwheels back at Swagger and executes the Tidal Crush! Kaval slides underneath the falling Swagger, but then hops on top of him for a cover, One, Two, Swagger kicks out at two. Kaval can’t believe it, but he still gets back to his feet, and heads up to the top turnbuckle. Kaval gets up to the top turnbuckle, and then jumps down for a Warriors Way, but Swagger moves out of the way! Kaval lands on his feet, but Swagger quickly takes him down with a chop block to the leg! Swagger then picks up Kaval’s ankle and locks in the Ankle Lock! Kaval has no where to go, as Swagger clenches the hold in tighter. Kaval tries to crawl to the nearest rope, but Swagger uses all of his strength to keep Kaval grounded. Kaval puts his hand up, ready to tap, but at the last second, Kaval kicks Swagger in the chest with his free foot. Swagger falls down, but on the way down, he hit his head on the turnbuckle. Swagger is now dazed, and Kaval takes advantage by rolling him up! One, Two, Swagger kicks out of it! Both men get back to their feet, but Swagger quickly destroys Kaval with a boot to the face! Swagger catches Kaval, and hooks his gut. Swagger lifts Kaval up, and then slams him down with the Gutwrench Powerbomb! Swagger covers Kaval, One, Two, Kaval’s foot on the rope! Swagger thinks he has the win, as he stands and celebrates. The referee points to Kaval’s foot, and informs Swagger that he hasn’t won. Swagger runs back over to Kaval, and pulls him to the center of the ring. Jack covers Kaval again; One, Two, Kaval kicks out this time! Swagger pounds his hands down, and covers Kaval again; One, Two, Kaval kicks out again! Swagger screams in Kaval’s ear, and then lifts him up into Gutwrench position. Swagger pulls Kaval up, but right before he can slam him down with a second Gutwrench Powerbomb, Kaval manages to slide out of it and ends up behind Swagger. Jack turns around to Kaval, who hits Swagger with a Roundhouse kick! Kaval wastes no time and jumps up to the nearest top turnbuckle. Kaval measures, jumps, and connects with the Warrior’s Way on Swagger! Kaval falls on top of Swagger for a pin, One, Two, Three!!!

Winner- Kaval

Kaval is so tired; he can’t even get to his feet on his own. Kaval crawls over to the ropes, and uses the ropes to barely stand. Kaval puts his hand in the air, and the St. Louis fans are giving him a lot of love for that excellent match. Kaval slides out of the ring, and limps to the back. Swagger is still trying to regain himself in the ring, while limps up the ramp with his hand raised. We fade to the back where we see Todd Grisham, who is ready to conduct his weekly interview.
“Ladies and Gentlemen, my guest at this time, the new number one contender for the Intercontinental Championship, Carlito. Carlito, last week Jeff Jarrett announced that at Survivor Series, Tyler Black will defend his Intercontinental Championship against you in a Ladder match. What are your thoughts on Tyler and the Ladder match?”  “I told all of you people that GCF would be my time. I would climb the ladder of success, and eventually win a World Title. I said that I wouldn’t let management hold me back like they did in the WWE. It’s only fitting that this match is a ladder match. As for Tyler, I hate him. I hate Tyler Black. Tyler comes from out of no where in the minor leagues of the Indies and immediately gets a shot at the IC Title. What about me? What about Carlito huh? I am going to win a Survivor Series. I will take that IC Title and make it mine.”  Carlito stops talking and a worried look crosses his face. The camera backs away, and it’s Tyler Black! Black gets right in the face of Carlito, and begins to speak, “Carlito, I don’t know who you think you are, but I can tell you who I am. I’m Tyler Black, the best wrestler in the world, and the Intercontinental Champion. To be honest with you Carlito, I don’t like you either. But the reason I don’t like you is because you are just like everybody else around here, calling Independent Wrestling the minor leagues. While you were wrestling five minute matches on Raw, I was wrestling for sixty minutes against some of the best. So before you run your mouth about how you’re going to win at Survivor Series, but in reality, you’ll be lucky to last ten minutes.”  Black walks away, leaving Carlito with a furious look.
 “Tyler just put Carlito in his place! That Survivor Series match up is going to be great.”  “You got that right Cole.”  The Alliance’s music hits and it looks like it’s time for the next match.

Kevin Nash, Shelton Benjamin, and Charlie Haas vs. Rhino, Big Show, and Evan Bourne

Nash, Benjamin, and Haas walk down the ramp to a round of boos from the fans. The three men get into the ring, and taunt the crowd. Big Show’s music hits now, and Bourne, Show, and Rhino make their way out to the ring. The fans give them a huge ovation, as all of them high five the fans to the ring. All three guys get into the ring now, and discuss who will go in first. Big Show decides he will go in, and Kevin Nash decides to go in for the Alliance. The two big men meet in the middle of the ring as the bell rings. Nash throws the first punch, but Big Show comes right back with a shot of his own. The two big men go at it throwing punches at each other, until Show gets the upper hand. Show pushes Nash against the ropes, and Irish whips him. Nash and Show try to clothesline each other, and now both are stunned. Show back up against the ropes, and Nash is able to somehow clothesline the big man over the top rope! Nash gets out there as well, and the two men fight it out on the outside until Benjamin and Haas get involved and triple team Show. That is, until Rhino and Bourne make the save. Rhino goes after Benjamin, while Bourne goes after Haas. Show manages to shove Nash away, run at him, and connect with a huge Spear! The referee is counting in the ring, and is at 6. There is absolute chaos outside the ring, as now Bourne and Rhino have Benjamin and Haas grounded. Big Show walks over to them, and signals for Bourne and Rhino to move out of the way. Show grabs Benjamin and Haas’ throat, lifts them up, and slams them down with a huge double chokeslam! The referee just counted 10, and this one is over before it started!

Double Countout

Neither Bourne, Rhino, nor Big Show seemed to care very much that this match is over. Nash is starting to stand, so Big Show tosses him in the ring. Rhino slides in and measures the vulnerable Nash. Kevin gets to his feet, but he is then run over by a Gore!! Rhino hits Nash with a Gore!! Rhino throws his arms up, but then pints over to Bourne on the top turnbuckle. Bourne stands on the top, looks down at Nash, and then executes his signature Shooting Star Press, Air Bourne!! Big Show, Rhino, and Bourne all celebrate in the ring, and by the looks of it, its 2-0 in favor of Joe’s Army.
We go to the back where we see Samoa Joe and Kaval watching what just happened on a TV in their locker room. Joe pats Kaval on the back, and says, “That’s what I’m talking about! You getting that win earlier, and now those guys kicking Nash, Benjamin, and Haas’ ass can only mean that we are better than them. Now all I have to do is choke Angle out later tonight, and we will have a clean sweep!” Kaval smiles at Joe, but before anything else can be said, Edge walks in the room. Joe stands up and tells Kaval to stay seated. Edge looks down, but then he speaks, “Look Joe, I respect the hell out of you. I really appreciate the fact that you and your guys are gonna take out The Alliance at Survivor Series. I mean, I’ll be a little busy Spearing Pope all over the ring, but I just wanted to tell you that if they try anything, I got your back.” Joe looks down at Kaval then back at Edge, “Well thanks but no thanks Edge. I don’t know if you have been watching tonight, but I think me and my team can handle ourselves. Oh, and if I were you, I wouldn’t underestimate Dinero. He can talk a lot of smack, but he hates when he is proven wrong. You should be the one who should be worrying about Pope trying something.” Joe sarcastically pats Edge on the back, and goes to sit back down, but Edge speaks again, “To be honest Joe, no, I haven’t been watching tonight. But tonight is only one night. Go back and look at my career. I am the Ultimate Opportunist. If Pope wants to try anything, he should go buy my DVD, because I’ve probably already done it. Tonight, on my groundbreaking show, The Cutting Edge, I am going to show you and everyone else exactly what’s going to happen at Survivor Series. I’m going to Spear Pope tonight.”  Edge walks out of the room, and Joe watches his every step out. We pan back to the arena.
The Number One Contender for the Hardcore Championship Rob Van Dam’s music hits and its time for RVD’s warm up hardcore match before Survivor Series!

Hardcore Match
RVD vs. William Regal

Van Dam walks out with a steel chair in hand as the fans go crazy for their favorite Hardcore superstar. A few weeks back, Tommy Dreamer and William Regal beat Van Dam down, and Regal ended up picking up the win against Van Dam, but now it’s a Hardcore match, and Dreamer is banned from ringside! Van Dam walks to the ring holding his chair high in the air, looking ready for some revenge. Van Dam slides into the ring, and signal for Regal to come out and fight. Regal’s music begins and the British Superstar makes his way out. Regal stops at the bottom of the ramp and pulls some brass knuckles out of his jacket. He shows them to RVD, and then slides into the ring. Both men have weapons, and the bell rings. Van Dam runs at Regal, and swings the chair at him, but Regal dodges it. Van Dam then is able to move his head just in time right before Regal was going to hit him with the brass knuckles. Van Dam tosses the chair at Regal, who catches it. RVD then kicks the chair right into Regal’s face! Van Dam covers Regal, One, Two, Regal kicks out. Van Dam gets back up, picks the chair up, and sets it on Regal. Van Dam runs against the ropes and goes for the Rolling Thunder with the Chair on Regal, but William moves out of the way, and Van Dam lands hard on the steel chair. Regal crawls over and covers Van Dam, One, Two, RVD kicks out. Regal tried to pull a fast one, but Van Dam kicked out. Regal sneaks back over to the corner, and picks up his brass knuckles. Regal stalks Van Dam to get up, and when he does, Regal cracks him in the skull with the brass knuckles! Van Dam falls through the ropes to the outside, while Regal tries to catch him. Regal disappointedly rolls out of the ring next to the unconscious RVD. Regal lifts the dead weight of RVD up, and tries to toss him in the ring. In takes Regal about two minutes, but he is finally able to get Van Dam in the ring. Regal arrogantly gets into the ring himself, and walks over to Van Dam. Regal leans down to pin RVD, but Van Dam wakes up and kicks Regal away. Regal backs away, while RVD tries to regain himself. RVD looks over and sees Regal’s brass knuckles next to him. Van Dam sneaks the brass knuckles onto his hand, and acts like he is still hurt. Regal goes to pick Van Dam up again, but Van Dam breaks free and smacks Regal with his own brass knuckles! Van Dam throws the brass knuckles down, and jumps up to the top turnbuckle. Van Dam wastes no time, as he jumps right back down onto Regal, connecting with the Five Star Frog Splash!!!!! Van Dam has the cover, One, Two, and Three!!

Winner- RVD

RVD picks up a huge win over Regal! Van Dam gets to his feet, but from behind its Tommy Dreamer! Dreamer hits RVD in the back of the head with the Hardcore Championship!! Dreamer throws the title down, and heads to the outside. Dreamer goes underneath the ring, and pulls out a trash can! Dreamer tosses the Trash can in the ring, and then slides in himself. Dreamer picks the defenseless RVD up and puts him on his shoulders. Dreamer positions himself, and then delivers the Dreamer Driver to RVD onto the trash can! Dreamer shouts insults at RVD and then picks his title up. Dreamer shows the belt off to the crowd, who surround him with boos. Dreamer steps over Van Dam and Regal, and then heads out of the ring. Dreamer walks up the ramp seriously, and then heads to the back. As soon as Dreamer exits the arena, the lights shut off. The same demonic laugh that has been haunting GCF for a few weeks is heard again. The titantron comes on and shows a dark room with a red light shining on a chair in the ring. A man walks in and sits in the chair, with his back facing us. The man starts to laugh to himself, but then he stands. He walks towards the camera, and puts the camera in his face. The man looks very old and has a big bloody gash on his forehead. The man smiles and starts to laugh again. The red light in the room goes off, and we hear the black man scream, followed by the original demonic laugh. The titantron goes back off, and we hear over the speakers, a man say, “Way till they get a load of me. Hahahahahahaha!!” The lights turn back on, and the ring is empty. Everyone looks very confused about the video and what exactly is going on. “Who is that Tazz? This is the third week in a row that we have seen a video involving this guy. What is going on?”  “Beats me Cole, but who ever these guys are, have some serious problems. Did you see that old guy? He was bleeding like crazy!”  “Something is happening here in GCF, and I don’t like it.”  The cameras pan to the back, where we see Eric Bischoff and Jeff Jarrett arguing in their office.
 “Listen here Eric, I am sick and tired of your boy Matt Morgan hiding behind you when he knows that he is suppose to be defending his TV Title against Booker T. I came down here to inform you that on the Impact Raw after Survivor Series, Matt Morgan WILL defend his title against Booker. If he misses the show or even if you give him the night off, I am stripping him of the title!”  “Fine Jeff, I’ll bite. Morgan vs. Booker the Impact Raw after Survivor Series. But their was something else I wanted to talk to you about. After Survivor Series, we are going to need a new Number One Contender. So I was thinking, after Survivor Series, I think that the next championship match should be the World Champion defending against Matt Morgan and Sheamus, in a triple threat match!!”  Eric smiles at Jeff, who sarcastically laughs. Jeff then says, “There is no way in hell I’m letting that happen.” Jeff pats Eric on the back, and leaves the office.
Back in the arena, Samoa Joe’s Army music hits, and it looks like it’s time for the big Joe-Angle match!

Samoa Joe vs. Kurt Angle

Joe walks out to the ramp to a huge roar of love from the crowd. Joe comes down the ramp, to chants of “Joe, Joe, Joe!” from every fan around him. Joe slides in the ring, says a few words to the referee. Angle’s music starts and the Olympic Superstar comes out to A LOT of boos from the fans. Angle stops at the top of the ramp, and smiles at Joe. Joe screams for Angle to come down for the ring, but out of no where, Shelton Benjamin sneaks into the ring, spins Joe around, and hits him with the Paydirt! The rest of the Alliance hop into the ring as well, as Angle makes his way to the ring. Swagger lifts Joe up, and then slams him down with a vicious Gutwrench Powerbomb. All of the Alliance members get out of the ring, and head up the ramp as Angle gets into the ring. The referee is forced to ring the bell, and the match has officially started! Since the match has started, that means that since The Army and Alliance are banned from ringside, The Army can’t come down to the ring and even the odds. Joe is out, and Angle laughs at his fallen nemesis. The rest of the Alliance watches from the top of the ramp, until Rhino, Evan Bourne, and The Big Show attack them from behind! Three members of Joe’s Army attack the Alliance, and have the upper hand! Benjamin tries to Superkick the massive Big Show, but Show catches his leg, throws it down, and Knock out punches Shelton! Angle is shouting at the Alliance from the ring to get the Army out of there, while the referee shouts at the Army and Alliance to break it up. While Angle and the ref are distracted with the big fight, Kaval jumps into the ring! Angle turns back to Joe, only to be hit with a Roundhouse kick from Kaval!! Kaval slides back out of the ring, while Angle falls to one knee, stunned. Joe takes advantage and manages to roll Angle up in a small package, One, Two, Three!!!!!!

Winner- Samoa Joe!!

Joe steals one from Angle! The Army and the Alliance continue to fight, while Joe and Angle lie in the ring. Kaval slides back into the ring, and let’s Angle get to his feet. Kaval gets up to the top turnbuckle, and when Angle finally gets to his feet, Kaval cross bodies Angle back down! Kaval helps Joe get to his feet, and raises his hand in victory. The Army finally are able to dispose of the Alliance, and they all head to the ring. Kaval, Rhino, Evan Bourne, Big Show and Samoa Joe all pose and celebrate in the ring. “What a sneaky win by Joe, Tazz! You have to wonder if this will be the image next Sunday at Survivor Series! The Army celebrating over the Alliance, what a great image!”  “Woah there Cole, don’t talk about the Alliance like that! Kurt Angle has more titles that half of Joe’s team combined!” We won’t get to hear the rest of Tazz and Michael Cole’s argument, because we head to the back where Josh Mathews is outside of the Tag Team Champions locker room.
Josh knocks on a door labeled Christian and Chris Jericho. Jericho opens the door, and Josh asks him for an interview. Jericho nods and Mathews begins, “Chris first of all, where is your partner, Christian?”  “Christian is currently out working out and training, getting ready for Survivor Series.”  “Speaking of Survivor Series Chris, what are your thought on the Steel Cage match between you and the Motor City Machine Guns for the Tag Team Titles?”  “It’s quite simple Josh, Christian and I are the best tag team in the world, and we aren’t intimidated by two punks like Shelley and Sabin. We are going to embarrass The Guns, and make them run back to wrestling matches at birthday parties.”  Jericho goes back in his locker room and slams the door in Josh’s face. But in the locker room we hear some ruckus. Jericho screams for someone to leave, but then we hear glass breaking. Josh manages to get the door open, and when he opens it he sees The Guns standing over an unconscious Jericho. Shelley says, “You should really lock your door when you leave your locker room.” The Guns both smirk, and exit the locker room, not acknowledging Josh at all.
Back in the arena, the Cutting Edge set is up in the ring, and now everyone anxiously awaits Edge to come out. You think you know me! The fans blow the roof off when Edge walks out, as it seems like St. Louis is full of Edgeheads! Edge walks down the ramp with his World Title, grinning at his fans in the front. Edge slides in the ring, and grabs a mic. He let’s the fans calm down before he says, “Well hello St. Louis. (Huge screams from the crowd) At Survivor Series, I face Pope for the World Heavyweight Championship. Pope won that Scramble match a few weeks ago, and earned himself a shot at me. I, being the gentleman that I am, applauded pope for his efforts. But then the next week on Impact Raw, he slapped me across the face. Now I wasn’t gonna have this, so I slapped him right back! Then, last week, after his win against Primo, I speared Pope. (Another huge ovation from the fans) So, let me say that now, I don’t like Pope at all. So what do you do when you don’t like someone? You invite them onto your own talk show, and then you Spear them again! So come out here Pope, I really want to hear what you have to say.”  Instead of Pope, Wade Barrett’s music hits. The NXT Season One winner walks down the ramp to lots of boos from the crowd. Barrett walks up the stars into the ring, and asks for a mic. Barrett walks up to Edge, and says, “Now I know you were not expecting me Edge, but I felt now would be a good time for me to inform you of something. After I destroy Randy Orton at Survivor Series, I will be coming after your World Title. I don’t see Pope as much of a threat, so I am sure that you will be the champion after Survivor Series. But, your reign will end, and the new era of Barrett will begin.”  Edge sarcastically smiles, and puts the mic by his mouth, about to say something, when Randy Orton’s music hits. The fans give Orton almost the same ovation they gave Edge, as the hometown boy has returned to St. Louis! Orton smirks at some of his home fans, but that smirk turns into a very serious look when he gets into the ring with Barrett. Orton gets a mic, and gets in Barrett’s face. Orton says, “You know what Wade? I’m getting real sick of you telling everyone that you are going to beat me. People say that I have to lose, especially with Jay Lethal as Special referee. But let me assure you, that at the end of the night, I will drop you and Jay with an R…K…O!!” Orton looks ready to fight, but now the Pope’s music finally begins. Dinero walks out to a mixed reaction from the crowd, as a lot of the fans are a little upset at his recent actions against Edge. No money comes down from the ceiling, as pope just walks down the ramp emotionless, and then gets into the ring. Pope picks a mic up, and looks right at Edge. Pope speaks, “I really don’t know why these two are out here, but I wanted to come out here to make a few things clear. First, I wanted to clarify that Pope will be leaving Survivor Series with that gold. I also wanted to tell you that you deserved that slap, because I hoped that it would wake you up. I mean alls you do is suck up to these fans. Granted, I like the fans too, but I like money and championships a lot more. So I am going to guarantee that I will be the next World heavyweight Champion. When that happens, everyone will stand up, and shout to the rest of the world, Pope is Pimpin!!”  Before Pope can say anymore, Orton surprises Barrett with an RKO out of no where! Pope turns around to see what happened, giving edge the opportunity to runs against the ropes, and connect with a Spear on Pope! Edge and Orton are the only ones standing now, when Jeff Jarrett’s music hits. Jeff comes out to the top of the ramp and says, “After what I just saw, I think I can tell that you guys don’t like each other. But no matter, as next week on Impact Raw, it will be Pope and Wade Barrett, teaming up against…….Edge and Randy Orton!!”  The fans go crazy, as Orton and Edge eye each other down. “What a match set for next week’s Impact Raw, Cole”  “Well as for this weeks Impact Raw, we are out of time, Edge and Orton reunite to take on Pope and Wade Barrett, next week on Impact Raw! See you then!” The final shot is of Orton and Edge staring each other down.