Evelyn Lozada: Meet 'Basketball Wives' Star Engaged to Chad Ochocinco

Elliott Pohnl@@ElliottPohnl_BRFeatured ColumnistNovember 17, 2010

Evelyn Lozada: Meet 'Basketball Wives' Star Engaged to Chad Ochocinco

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    Evelyn Lozada and Chad Ochocinco became the latest celebrity couple to get engaged when they announced their plans to marry on Twitter.

    What else would you expect from two of the most obsessed tweeters in the entire world?

    According to TMZ, Ochocinco proposed to his girlfriend of four months in Cincinnati on Tuesday.

    No date has been set, and the couple plans to have a lengthy engagement.

    We know all about the exploits of Ochocinco, but just who is this Evelyn Lozada?

    Here's a little bit more about Chad's lovely lady.

No. 15: Born in New York City

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    Evelyn was born in Brooklyn and lived most of her adult life in the Big Apple prior to heading to tropical Miami.

No. 14: Proud Of Her Hertitage

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    Evelyn is of Puerto Rican descent and was raised by a single mother, spending most of her childhood in the Bronx.

No. 13: Her Big Break

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    Evelyn entered the limelight after getting involved in the entertainment business in New York City.

    While working for a celebrity agent, she became associated with a number of stars, including Antoine Walker.

No. 12: Celtic Green

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    Evelyn and Antoine Walker began dating, and she eventually moved into his lavish South Florida home.

    Based on her tearful comments, she had no idea she was getting engaged to a slumlord...

No. 11: The Really Long Engagement

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    The couple got engaged and stayed engaged.

    Not surprisingly, Evelyn became frustrated by her fiancee's reluctance to actual set a date for a wedding.

    They finally broke up in 2009, when Antoine began to fight bankruptcy and dodge accusations of operating unsafe rental properties in Chicago.

No. 10: The 10-Carat Rebound

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    With Walker out of her life, Evelyn was free to live her life and pursue her business ventures while finding love.

    She posted this picture of her engagement ring on Twitter.

    Looks like she's doing okay for herself...

No. 9: She's a Mom

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    You would never know it, but Evelyn has a 17-year old daughter, pictured here.

    Ochocinco could probably use a motherly figure to help him grow up...

No. 8: Nude Photos Scandal

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    Evelyn became embroiled in scandal when nude photos of herself leaked on the Internet.

    The photos were allegedly released by Ricky Davis' wife Vanessa, who was slapped with a lawsuit by Evelyn.

No. 7: Business Owner

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    Evelyn founded Dulce, a boutique in Miami, and remains heavily involved in the everyday business operation.

    Her platform in business helped her become a prominent figure in the Miami nightlife.

No. 6: She Loves Shoes!

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    On her website, Evelyn says that she is absolutely obsessed with shoes.

    That seems pretty obvious based on this picture.

    Maybe her fashion sense will help her new fiancee dress better...

No. 5: Becomes a Reality Star

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    Being a jilted lover of a former NBA baller made Evelyn eligible for VH1's Basketball Wives.

    By far the most emotional member of the cast, she openly talked about her issues with Walker.

    Perhaps that's why she was well-liked by most of her fellow cast members.

    Most, but not all.

No. 4: Royce Reed Ruins Her Birthday

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    One of the few memorable moments of Basketball Wives occurred at Evelyn's 34th birthday party in Miami.

    With Ludacris and Terrell Owens in attendance, Evelyn's nemesis Royce Reed stole the show.

    The former Orlando Magic dancer who had a child with Dwight Howard did a little too much booty shaking for Evelyn's liking.

    Her actions led to a bitter feud that made the reality show worth watching.

    Sort of, at least...

No. 3: Reality Stars Find Love

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    While Chad Ochocinco was screening 85 candidates on his reality dating show, he was becoming involved with Evelyn.

    In fact, their relationship leaked even before the conclusion of Ochocinco: The Ultimate Catch.

    VH1 was irate at Ochocinco's inability to be discreet.

    It really shouldn't have been much of a surprise...

No. 2: Will They Have a Reality Show Together?

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    We all remember Newlyweds.

    With that in mind, it wouldn't be surprising to see some sort of reality show documenting the fascinating Ocho-Evelyn relationship.

    Hopefully it would have a better ending than Jon & Kate Plus 8.

Will She Change Her Last Name?

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    Assuming this engagement actually ends in matrimony, Evelyn could find herself at a crossroads.

    Will she want to preserve her Puerto Rican heritage by keeping her last name, or will she take Chad's last name?

    "Evelyn Ochocinco" actually has a nice ring to it.

    Who knows, maybe the couple will consult the magical world of Twitter for marital advice.