Miami Heat's Blame Game: 'Fans' Are Already Pointing Fingers

Pedro HeizerCorrespondent INovember 17, 2010

Is it really Erik Spoelstra's fault?
Is it really Erik Spoelstra's fault?

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Miami is 6-4 and the blame game among so-called fans and sports writers are in full effect.

Some blame the head coach, Erik Spoelstra. They say he’s not cut out to do this job, they say he doesn’t use the right line-ups, can’t change the personnel at the right time, sits players on the bench when they are heating up. Simply put, people are saying he is not cut out for this job.

Really? After 10 games one can tell me if a person is “cut out” for a head coaching job? Heck, Miami is two games over .500 and barely trailing in the division and Erik Spoelstra isn’t cut out for this job? To me, Coach Spo is the second best head coach in Miami Heat history, behind Pat Riley. Spo has a record of 96-78 as a Miami Heat head coach and is 18 games over .500, and you are telling me he isn’t cut out for this job?

Give him a chance, he will surprise you.

Now, the other person that people are putting the blame on is Chris Bosh.  ‘Fans’ and sports writers are saying Bosh is not strong enough, he’s not a big man, he’s not producing the same amount of numbers as he did in Toronto, some go as far to say he is not worth a max deal.

Some are saying Miami wasted money in going after Bosh and were going to be better off if they pursued Amar’e Stoudemire or even Carlos Boozer. Again, I ask…Really? Amar’e

Stoudemire and the Knicks are a dismal 3-7 and Stoudemire is averaging 20 points and eight rebounds, where in Phoenix he was averaging 23 points and nine rebounds. In Phoenix, Stoudemire had the benefit of having one of the all-time great point guards by his side in the pick-and-pop in Steve Nash, now Stoudemire has Raymond Felton.

Don’t even get me started on Carlos Boozer. Yes, I was one of the few people that wanted Boozer in a Heat uniform last season but let’s be honest here, if you trip on a sports bag while going to answer your door and you break your hand, you are sad. Boozer was averaging around 20 points and 11 rebounds with the Utah Jazz, but has yet to play a game as a member of the Chicago Bulls.

If you think Chris Bosh isn’t effective, shame on you. I’m not sure you have noticed but Bosh is not the No. 1 scoring option like he was in Toronto, he is now the third option behind Dwyane Wade and LeBron James.

If you expected Bosh to average the same amount of points he did in Toronto, that’s crazy talk. Bosh needs to become more of a defensive and post presence, not a scoring machine. Yes, Bosh is lacking in the rebounds department right now with only six rebounds per game expect that to change once this Miami Heat squad molds and becomes a contender in the east.

Some fans are so disappointed in Bosh that they think Miami should trade the All-Star forward. With only 10 games into the season, how can you say that he’s a bust and he needs to be traded? Bosh is one of the best power forwards in the league, give him time and he will surprise everyone.

A ridiculous rumor going around is that people think Bosh could be traded to Minnesota and in return Miami picks up Michael Beasley.  Why? That would be a horrible trade for us, why would we give Bosh to a team in return for a player that we didn’t want and gave them to only get a second round pick in return? Leave Beasley alone in Minnesota; he has played exceptionally well averaging around 21 points and six rebounds per game. 

The reason Beasley has been playing so well in Minnesota is because of the style they play the game. Miami is a defense-first team and if you don’t play defense, you will be benched. Michael is not a defense first type of player, he’s a scorer.

In all, I think the media and fans together should let go of the panic button and let this season play out. People expected Miami to come out of the gates swinging and clearly that has not been the case. But, for now, 6-4 isn’t such a bad record to have. Give it time, Miami will show all of the doubters wrong once they all get healthy again and bring back the biggest weapon off the bench, Mike Miller.

But for now, it’s like LeBron James said, “We all know Rome wasn’t build in one day. It takes time.”