Just Bring It! Should The WWE Consider Doing an Old School Smackdown?

Bleacher ReportCorrespondent IINovember 17, 2010

Should the WWE consider doing an Old School Smackdown?

Remember the good old days when the Smackdown Titantron was a giant Silver Fist, with Michael Cole and Taz at Ringside? Or when the main event would involve Lesnar destroying Angle, Big Evil and company. Yes, these were great times. After watching Raw go Old School, I was shocked and amazed at just how poor the show had become. 

No real Legends from Raw, just from the 80’s and WCW

This was perhaps the most disappointing moment of all. For weeks, they had been billing that stars from the past would be appearing to celebrate a live edition of Old School Raw. So automatically, one would assume that people who use to wrestle on Raw would make an appearance, not Legends from the 80s who we have seen week in and week out for the past several years.

No disrespect to these stars but I, for one, am getting a bit tired of seeing Sgt. Slaughter, Iron Sheik, Dusty Rhodes, Ted Dibiase and Jimmy Snuka appear all the time, they might as well be part of the rosters, with the amount of air time they get.

I did, however, enjoy watching Piper and Jim Ross return, only because they are great at eliciting a reaction from the audience. Another memorable moment was when they rehashed the Sexual Chocolate theme. That brought back some memories of Mark Henry and D-Lo Brown, and it was great seeing Mark get into character especially after what happened to his brother in real life. However, it was anticlimactic when Mark get defeated so easily.

Commentary was decent but far from the best, proving That Michael Cole can only work well with Taz.

Ever since they did the WWE Draft and switched Jim Ross for Michael Cole, the WWE Commentary teams have never been the same. I respect Michael Cole for going out there and trying to play the role of the Heel, but why bother when you have one of the greatest Heel Commentators of all time sitting next to you—Lawler. When Cole was bitching about JR being back, it was funny, yet it never seemed to catch my attention. Is he being Heel or is he being an Idiot?

The greatest commentators for Raw have always been Paul Heyman and JR or Lawler and JR. I felt that just this once, we should have seen Jim Ross and Lawler hit up the mic for old time's sake.

The Matches were all less than five minutes besides Swagger v. Danielson.

This was the major problem with the show. Is the WWE trying to say that all matches from back in the day were under five minutes except for one? I highly doubt that. Who can recall the opening match between HBK and Shelton Benjamin that was at least 15 minutes.

The WWE is doing too much of the wrong things now. They need to put on some more matches and leave out the funny stuff with Santino and Kozlov. 


It was wrong to do this show one week before Survivor Series; No one really cared or even took notice to storylines going on for the forthcoming PPV due to all the fun and glamour from the past taking place.

This took all the edge and emotion of the great PPV this Sunday—well, besides the last segment. Did anyone else notice how Cena never sells the RKO? He got up after two seconds! If that's the case, then Cena should have won every single one of his encounters with Orton. If Piper was not involved, then that segment would have lacked emotion and intensity. 

Those examples were just to name a few of the glaring problems of the Old School revival. There was nothing different about this show than the Raw 15th Anniversary or any other “special occasion.”

It got me to think: why not have an Old School Smackdown instead. This way, you would be forced to bring back names that the WWE universe recognizes instead of wrestlers who have nothing to do with Smackdown. You would also be able to showcase a different side of the WWE instead of having it on Raw every week.

Do you remember Smackdown's 10th Anniversary? They had the Rock make an appearance—even though it was pre-taped, the fact that we got to see the People's Champ on the People's show was an extraordinary moment for any fan. The crowd went nuts. Hell, you could even realistically bring back stars like Lesnar, Rikishi, HHH, Jericho and the Good Cena just for one night. 

The WWE is in talks of doing another Old School Raw soon, seeing as how last night's ratings jumped from 2.9 to 3.1. However, why not try something different? I mean you are hard-pressed to get any higher ratings on Raw, especially as none of the big names want to make an appearance. 

Do you think Smackdown should get more attention then Raw, and do an Old School show themselves?