Video: Is This Proof That Cal Football Players Were Faking Injuries?

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We all know that the Oregon Ducks have a high-powered offense: The Ducks go up and down the field on opposing defenses seemingly at will.

That is, at least until last week. Oregon beat California 15-13 and the Golden Bears had a great chance to win that game, but they just let it slip through their fingers.

However, there was the accusation that California was having players fake injuries to keep the Ducks from running plays and getting into their offensive rhythm.

With that in mind, here is a video from last Saturday's game between the Ducks and the Golden Bears and as you can clearly see, the video spotlights a player and has you keep an eye on him.

Before you know it, he's on the ground in what appears to be pain, after having nothing happen to him during the play that would cause any injury.

It's quite the strategy, one that's not in the spirit of the game and one that's uncalled for.

If you're going to beat the highest ranked team in the country, you should do it with honor and class. I don't think you'd see Joe Paterno telling his guys to go out there and fake injuries so he could try to win a game. The Golden Bears should be better than that and it's an embarrassing video to see since it's so blatant.

But you be the ultimate judge: Is this proof of the Golden Bears faking injuries, or was it a legit ailment that forced this player to the ground to stop the game so he could get medical attention?

Leave your thoughts in the comments about what we've seen here and what should be done about it, if anything.

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